Ethereum, He loses $9,300 in one click because of a silly error

When the nightmare becomes reality - He loses $9,300 in one click because of a silly mistake on Ethereum

A very expensive mistake

During the night of Wednesday to Thursday, an Internet user turned to the reddit community to help them solve a monumental blunder:

"I thought this kind of thing only happens to other people, but I was wrong. Ethermine has undermined the block with this deal. Do I have options or not? I contacted Ethermine on Twitter. I'm not sure they are helping me. »

In addition to the message, the Internet user communicates the address of an Ethereum transaction which, one must admit, is heart-breaking.

Ethers gone, a catastrophe

In reality, this Internet user, who simply wanted to convert $117 from ETH to Chi Gastoken, got his brushes tangled and confused the parameters "gas cost" and "gas limit" on MetaMask.

"Metamask did not fill the 'Gas Limit' field with the correct amount in my previous transaction and this transaction failed. So I decided to change it manually in the next transaction, but instead of typing '200,000' in the 'Gas Limit' input field, I wrote it in the 'Gas Price' input field, so I paid 200,000 GWEI for this transaction and ruined my life. "The Internet user on Reddit

As a result, the conversion to Uniswap cost him a modest $9,300 in network fees. An unfortunately easily avoidable mistake, but one that many unlucky people still commit... among others, just as terrible.

Let's hope that this sad story can have a positive impact. Indeed, in the comments of the publication, many people suggest that MetaMask should implement a warning message to avoid this type of problem in the future.

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