YouHodler hits hard with its high yield offers on cryptomonnages

Around here, you often hear about how to make the most of your precious cryptomoney without giving it away. But what if cryptoney became a way for you to make your good old euros grow? No, you are not dreaming! YouHodler has an offer to make you, and it will be very difficult to refuse it!

A boosted savings account: when YouHodler pays you 12% interest... in euros!

YouHodler had already hit hard with its offers of high returns on the cryptomoney lent to him, but it's not enough anymore: the giant of the loan decided to join forces with the recognized Statis to offer you an even better return, directly on your euros!

By what magic? Well, simply by converting your euros into crypto-euro, the famous EURS, the stablecoin issued by Statis, which is recognized and worth exactly 1€ at all times. So goodbye to the fears linked to volatility, and the game is worth the candle: the deposits that you will make on this crypto-savings account in euros will be remunerated at the exceptional rate of 12%! Yes, you read that right.

Security above all

Of course, lending your cryptomoney involves a significant amount of trust. And YouHodler knows this, and they don't do things by halves: in accordance with the most advanced industry standards, the funds entrusted to them are split between several types of storage (both hot and cold wallets). So no need to worry about your funds being converted into homemade cryptography: all funds entrusted to YouHodler are secured using the state-of-the-art technology of a key player in the ecosystem: the Ledger Vault from the French Ledger!

So no hesitation: at a time when commercial banks are starting to impose negative rates on their customers and when traditional savings are not even enough to cope with daily inflation, YouHodler's generous offer will only seduce you: 12% on your euro deposits, it's now!

In conclusion, we can say it: if there is a place where you can deposit your excess euros and let them grow, it is YouHodler! Are low yields and inflation uncertainty annoying you? Take the plunge and build up a stable passive income in euros with YouHodler's supercharged savings account!

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