Bitcoin cash is also a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, and a transaction protocol that allows for fast transactions.

Cash Bitcoin: definition and abbreviation

What is Cash Bitcoin?

Often presented as born of a "schism" with bitcoin, the bitcoin cash is a (all young) cryptomony, that was launched on August 1, 2017. If the bitcoin cash protocol allows to carry out transactions even faster – a few seconds enough – and at a much lower cost than the bitcoin protocol, the bitcoin cash mobilizes a calculating power far more consistent than its illustrous relative to validate transactions. The development, which is the "mining" of this cryptocurrency, is therefore not beyond everyone's reach.

Anyhow, certainly not to that of the amateur minors who always count, because of lack of sufficient financial means, among the least well equipped.

Ever more common, this new cryptomony enjoys supported names that count in the Bitcoin community such as Gavin Andresen, known for having been the preferred interlocutor of the very mysterious supposed creator of bitcoin, Nakamoto Satoshi.

On the other hand, Roger Ver, a cryptomonnay "evangelist," justifies the existence of bitcoin cash in these terms: "The reason why the value of Bitcoin has been able to increase over time is because it has been able to perform quick, fair, and reliable transactions, and that the entire world has been able to participate in its growth." "Bitcoin no longer has these properties, though bitcoin cash does," says somebody who has been touched by a wave of skepticism.

The abbreviation

"BCH" is the abbreviation for the cryptocurrency bitcoin cash.

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