Amazon Job Listing Seeks Blockchain Lead - Internet Giant Looks to Create 'Business Use Cases Across Defi'

Amazon is looking for a blockchain expert, according to a job posting published on the company’s employment portal. The firm wants someone who is “passionate about blockchain and decentralized networks” and someone who can build innovative “business use cases” across decentralized finance (defi).

Online Marketplace Amazon Hopes to Hire a Head of Product to Lead Blockchain Innovation

The world’s largest online marketplace Amazon is seemingly watching blockchain innovations and current defi platforms make waves in the world of finance. Since the firm’s inception, Amazon has disrupted the online world via technological innovation and now it wants someone to help with blockchain technology.

The company posted a job listing this week that shows Amazon is looking for a “Head of Product” with a comprehensive blockchain and cryptocurrency background. The business already has a product called the “Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB)” and a team behind the project as well.

“Come join us to head product on the Amazon Managed Blockchain team,” Amazon’s job listing states. “Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) is a fully managed service that accelerates customers’ ability to create and leverage scalable blockchain technology for current and innovative business use cases across Defi, Supply Chain, Financial Services, Identity, and more. We are looking for an experienced product leader to drive the vision, roadmap, feature definition and go-to-market strategy of the AWS product offering across the rapidly evolving and broad landscape of blockchain technology and use cases.”

Interested applicants are required to have a BS or BA degree, over a decade of experience in the field of product management experience and the company prefers someone with a degree in computer science. Amazon’s job listing description adds:

The candidate will have a track record delivering outstanding products at scale in emerging spaces, and is passionate about blockchain, distributed systems, and cloud scale software. Ideally you will have experience delivering products or innovations in the blockchain space, and in particular Defi or Traditional Financial Services.

Not the First Job Listing Seeking Blockchain Help

The blockchain expert job listing posted on Amazon’s employment portal follows the job listing added back in February when the e-commerce giant was looking to build a pilot project in Mexico.

“This product will enable customers to convert their cash in to digital currency using which customers can enjoy online services including shopping for goods and/or services like Prime Video,” the Amazon job listing explained at the time.

The listing from February has since been removed from the e-commerce firm’s employment web portal.

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