BarterTrade V2 Launches With Advanced Social Trading, Auto KYC and Institutional Grade Liquidity

BarterTrade, is a cryptocurrency trading ecosystem that upgraded to more advanced V2 on 6th May, 2021, implementing significant benefits and new features for traders. Understanding crypto traders’ needs is a key ingredient of the relaunch, which includes features such as a 0% trading fee, institutional liquidity, auto KYC and a new customer support.

Bartering or Trade with V2 Upgrade

The V2 BarterTrade crypto exchange ecosystem brings in a plethora of improvements and features, carefully selected and designed to ensure a seamless user experience. This includes:

  • 0% Fee on BART Trades: BART, the native token of BarterTrade allows users to access a 0% trading fee
  • Social Trading: A fast-growing Industry feature which affords invaluable help to new traders who want to follow and learn from successful, experienced traders.
  • Live Chat Support: No more bots. BarterTrade believes that the human touch is crucial in offering the best service to its users, and uses a improved support system setup

Trading Pairs, Speedy KYC and Institutional Liquidity

BarterTrade’s upgrade includes a swift KYC process that will have a new user verified and ready to trade in 5 minutes. There are no waiting lists, no hoops to jump through and no complex verifications required.

Holding cryptocurrencies that are rising in value is useless if a trader cannot cash out in time.

Illiquidity is still a real problem for traders, but fortunately BarterTrade provides an institutional level liquidity service, which enables all users to sell their crypto assets with the same ease they would in traditional markets.

The V2 launch comes with a variety of trading pairs, including BART, BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP and LTC against USDT. BART, UNI and LINK are also available for ETH trading. BarterTrade is rapidly expanding its trading pairs and existing users of the old platform can still find their gems available to trade.

Overcoming Covid

The BarterTrade team have been working on numerous developments over the past few months, including the recently completed funding round. The last details of which are still being finalised, with a public announcement expected in May.

The huge planning required for the V2 upgrade, and funding round have been delayed due to various obstacles from the COVID-19 situation in their home country of India.

The team is working hard to resolve these issues, (especially exchange withdrawals) and is confident that all will be resolved in the week. BarterTrade have also expressed their strong appreciation to the community for its continued support and patience.

A spokesperson from the company has stated:

“We thank each and everyone in our community who has stood by us in the past few months. We are glad to welcome you to the new chapter in our journey as we establish ourselves as one of the leading digital assets exchanges in the market.”

BarterTrade Breaking Out in 2021

The relaunch of BarterTrade comes with a host of changes at the back end that revamps the whole trading experience for its users. The BarterTrade vision is to provide an intelligent (but easy to use) cryptocurrency ecosystem that empowers its users, with social trading and gamification features accessible for all.

BarterTrade is not stopping here. Its future roll-out will include:

  • Algorithmic Trading: Coding free bot setup means any trader will be able to take the full advantage of automated trading. Bots execute trades with lightning precision, securing increased gains.
  • Orders and Markets: BarterTrade will be releasing advanced trading orders and offering new markets and trading avenues to its users.
  • Upcoming Features: P2P lending, BattleGrounds, Easy Pay, Pie Algorithm and connected payment networks are just a few of the upcoming features of BarterTrade.

BarterTrade is an Easy, Smart, Social, and Gamified way to trade cryptocurrencies for all traders. Check out BarterTrade’s V2 exchange ecosystem here.


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