Have you ever dreaded pressing ‘send’ on a crypto transaction, fearing you might have entered a wrong address by mistake? Kirobo is the innovative company that developed a solution for that, in the form of an ‘undo button’ that helps protect your funds. Learn how you can use the ‘undo button’ right now and never have to worry before making a crypto transfer ever again.

The Groundbreaking Crypto ‘Undo Button’

Kirobo, is a Tel Aviv-based blockchain technology firm with the goal of granting people the freedom to control their crypto. It develops secure and straightforward solutions that provide unprecedented levels of transaction security, making crypto management, custody, and trading a no-brainer.

The company is famous for its crypto transfer ‘undo button’ for bitcoin and ethereum transactions that was recently expanded for UNI, Chainlink, BNB, USDT, Sushi coin, as well as its native utility token KIRO. With its technology transfers can also be password protected to ensure only the intended recipient can get the crypto. Demonstrating the demand for such vital services, Kirobo has already processed more than $500 million in crypto transactions. The firm is also the recipient of two grants from the Israeli Innovation Authority — making it the only blockchain technology company to achieve that honor.

Watch the following video to see how easy it is to use the ‘undo button’ with MetaMask so you can protect your funds:

Further showcasing the pent-up demand for such services in the crypto community, users have flocked to KIRO Staking. By staking the token powering Kirobo’s services users can benefit from lower rates for themselves while helping the liquidity of the entire network. The coin has also about tripled its value over the past month alone.

In another major development for the token, KIRO was recently made available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is available on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap via ChainPort as a cross chain bridge between KIRO and WKIRO. This means that any token found on PancakeSwap can be swapped for KIRO. See here for detailed instructions.

Kirobo Continues to Innovate Following Strategic Investment

The company is also working on new state-of-the-art services, following a major recent capital injection. In May 2021 it was revealed that DigiMax Global Inc. (CSE:DIGI), a Canadian public company, made a strategic investment in Kirobo, geared towards expediting the release of crypto management, custody and trading products. The $5 million investment will help launch Kirobo’s DeFi security products that are designed to further improve the DeFi ecosystem.

Kirobo also recently added crypto pioneer Brock Pierce to its Advisory Board, where he will provide strategic guidance around the global launch of the company’s portfolio of products. Pierce is the Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of EOS, Blockchain Capital, Tether, and Mastercoin. In 2017, Pierce co-founded Block.one, which developed the EOS.IO software and sold over $4 billion USD in tokens in the EOS crowdsale.

Crypto 'Undo Button' Creator Kirobo Gives You Control Over Your Money
The Kirobo executive team meeting with crypto pioneer Scott Stornetta

“It’s important to highlight that the ‘Undo Button’ is only the first feature that Kirobo released and we’re aiming to release a few products as early as the beginning of July and throughout Q3,” explained CEO Asaf Naim. “These products are all unique and quite groundbreaking. Not more of the same. They’re also in-line with our stated goal of granting people the freedom to control their crypto – as simply and securely – as they do with their fiat, plus the obvious advantages of decentralization.”

To learn more about what Kirobo and its services can do to help you control your crypto check out the ‘Undo Button’ and the Staking features right now.

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