Daymak to Launch the First Crypto Mining Vehicle by 2023

Daymak, a Canada-based electric vehicle company, has announced the Daymak Spiritus, an electric car that will be able to mine cryptocurrencies. According to the specs, it will also feature solar charging to lessen the load on the battery while driving. The company, which has only offered the car for 60 days, claims to have managed to get more than 350 million dollars in pre-orders.

Daymak to Launch Crypto Mining Electric Car

Daymak, a Toronto-based electric car company, has announced the launch of its new product, the Daymak Spiritus, a car that will feature cryptocurrency mining. According to its press release, the Daymak Spiritus will be able to mine “from Dogecoin to Bitcoin while it’s parked.” The Spiritus will include a GPU onboard that will let its users direct their mining power to harvest any cryptocurrency. While it states it will feature bitcoin mining, there is no mention of ASIC hardware anywhere in the statement.

Daymak to Launch the First Crypto Mining Vehicle by 2023

Apart from its cryptocurrency mining features, the Daymak Spiritus has other rare quirks: the car has a strange look, being a two-seater with three wheels, but it is no slouch, going from 0 to 60 MPH in 6.9 seconds. While it comes very far from the recent offers from electric companies like Tesla, Daymak has chosen to remain on the more value-oriented side of the price spectrum, with an estimated price of $19,995 for its entry model, with this trim marketed as “Deluxe.”

The Spiritus also features a solar panel that will power all non-mechanical systems, meaning that, if Daymak does deliver, this might be the first car to allow solar-powered cryptocurrency mining. However, Daymak’s proposal goes further than that. Aldo Baiocchi, president of the company, declared:

We envision a future where your highway tolls, your parking, and your drive thru order will be paid directly on the fly with crypto. Your online bills and your banking can be handled through the same software platform paid in crypto.

It is still early to see if all these ideas will be applied, but the vision the company has is really ambitious and could help set the trend for other manufacturers to follow. Daymak estimates the Spiritus will be ready for shipping in 2023.

The Push for Green Continues

Daymak has jumped on the green mining narrative that is now being promoted by known Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, and that has set the tone for new companies to enter the mining business. Musk criticized the energy consumption of bitcoin mining, while Tesla also announced they would stop accepting bitcoin as payment for its vehicles last month. Coincidentally, prices experienced a crash around the same time, with many blaming this fact as one of the factors causing it.

The Spiritus will be powered by electric and solar energy, making it possible to perceive cryptocurrency gains while the car is parked, and using just renewable energy, something the brand believes will appeal to the ecologist crowd. The company is also accepting payment in cryptocurrencies, being the second electric car manufacturer in the world to do so after Tesla.

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