New Player on the Market, TecraCoin - the Cryptocurrency That Tolerates Market Fluctuation

The crypto market is busier than ever. More and more tokens and cryptocurrencies are flooding the exchanges and it’s getting difficult to recognize the best trading opportunities. The majority of tokens and altcoins available on the market fail to represent any real value. A new cryptocurrency that will soon be listed on the new CEX seems to have a solution to this problem. Continue reading to find out more about TecraCoin and have a look at the bigger picture of the ecosystem of Tecra.

Bullish Run on Uniswap

From the latest news, Tecra has added a liquidity pool on Uniswap, the market responded with a strong rise. After adding more funds to the pool, the price increased by about 150% within 3 days. Currently, the price is holding at $3 amid positive news, which might give the market a chance to continue growing. Listing on the new CEX can lead to the strong bullish trend on TCR soon.

Tecra’s Innovation on the Crypto Market

With the grant received from European Union, the company has clear, ambitious goals to achieve – bringing value to tradable tokens and making a positive change in the world. Tecra’s project seamlessly integrates various rapidly growing sectors: investment, crypto, fintech, technological development, and more. The previous article on the company’s activity introduced the readers to the ecosystem of Tecra – their currency (TecraCoin), crowdfunding platform (Tecra Space) and a decentralised exchange (Tecra DEX). This time, the article will put some focus on TecraCoin and its tokenomics – what is the real value of this coin, how is it connected to other elements of Tecra’s ecosystem and what exactly makes it different from other altcoins available on the market.

The Value and Mechanics of TecraCoin

The main functionality of TecraCoin is connected to the crowdfunding platform TecraSpace. The currency is used to purchase the tokens of the projects with active fundraisers on the website. The tokens serve as a confirmation of your participation in the project and concluding an agreement between you (the investor) and the project creator. The tokens you can obtain on Tecra Space represent real early-stage businesses, therefore there is a tangible value behind both the token and the TecraCoin currency. This is how Tecra responds to the current trend of tokens with unlimited supply and no real use.

The value of TecraCoin is linked directly to the tokenomics of Tecra’s project. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the price of TCR does not fluctuate according to market speculation, but is influenced by the development and success of real businesses and projects on Tecra Space.

In addition to the coin on Tecra’s native blockchain, the company specifically created an ERC-20 based TecraCoin token to quicker and easier integrate with new exchanges, and to speed up the global expansion of the project.

The circulating supply of TecraCoin is limited. The fully diluted supply is 80 million coins – most of them are dedicated for the development of the company, and locked. Currently, 5,7 million coins are circulating on the market, with 81.4% locked in the adviser wallets. There are 1 000 000 coins available on Uniswap – no more coins will be added on this exchange. Current market cap on Uniswap is 3M$. It’s clear to see that the project at its current stage is severely undervalued. Additional details on lockups and vesting will be announced soon.

At the moment, the creators of the project are implementing business solutions on how to facilitate the circulation of coins in the market and between blockchains.

Real Life Impact of TecraCoin

One of the biggest advantages TecraCoin has over many other cryptocurrencies is that the usability of this coin goes beyond the boundaries of the world of crypto. Obtaining TecraCoin allows you to participate in a multitude of interesting projects on Tecra Space, which means that the currency has a real, positive impact on the world. With projects such as a large-scale photovoltaic farm by Expanse Plus, TecraCoin makes it possible for you to support technological development, sustainable energy production, and much more.

How Do You Benefit From Project Tokens?

The first way for token holders to profit from their participation in the projects are the commissions on Tecra Space. 3% of the funds raised during the campaign will be distributed among the token holders, and 2% will be designated for burning native TCRs from the exchanges, which will increase their market value.

The second way is to re-sell the tokens to project creators. The creators are contractually obliged to repurchase their tokens from the market over a period of 10-20 years once the project enters the commercialization stage. For example, the photovoltaic farm project of Expanse Plus declared to contribute 80% of their revenue to repurchase the tokens from the market over a period of 15 years. The repurchasing of tokens are conducted quarterly on Tecra DEX from a time specified by the project creator beforehand.

Lastly, the tokens that represent early-stage businesses are a valuable crypto-asset in themselves. They will be tradable on Tecra’s dedicated decentralised exchange, Tecra DEX. The launch of the exchange is planned for early 2022.

Advantages of TecraCoin:

  • possibility to participate in crowdfunding with a low entry-barrier (from 1 USD)
  • obtaining project tokens of real businesses
  • participating in projects that make breakthroughs in technological development
  • price does not fluctuate according to market speculation, but according to measurable value of real businesses
  • a multitude of trading opportunities – TCR is tradable on CEXs, DEXs and (in the future) on Tecra’s own exchange.

New Player on the Market, TecraCoin - a Cryptocurrency That Tolerates Market Fluctuation

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