FOSTER - Swiss Company TRES Group GmbH Is Launching a Greening Program for Planet Earth

The Swiss company TRES Group GmbH is launching an exciting and innovative program aiming at adding a solution to the Climate Change challenge. For several months, the FOSTER project has been under development, which aims to mass plant trees around the world for the benefit of increasing carbon dioxide absorption using blockchain technology.

Climate the Change is an existential threat requiring participation by all to find and implement solutions to stay below 1.5 degree centigrade global warming. Nature Based Solutions are one form of alleviating CO2 emissions. Forestation and reforestation are a very effective way of creating an offset of CO2 emissions generated by fossil fuels utilization. Trees absorb CO2 and hence reducing the CO2 emissions, essentially the main reason for global warming, in the atmosphere.

The world is going through “Energy Transition” gradually moving away from coal and fossil fuels to renewable energies. However, that this transition is a long journey and use of fossil fuels in several sectors such as aviation and heavy transportation cannot stop overnight. Nature Based Solutions can provide offsets. Individuals started to develop a personal awareness about their own Carbon footprint in their daily lives and would, if that was possible, adopt solutions where they see a direct link between their action and its impact. Foster intends to use blockchain technology to enable ownership of trees through tokens. Each token will represent a tree!

FOSTER takes control of all processes, from the purchase of land, its preparation for tree planting to certification and the trading of CO2 credits on international sites.

Absolutely anyone can become a participant in solving the global problem of our time and make a contribution by purchasing FOSTER tokens, which will act as a guarantor of the planted tree in one of the 6 countries selected by the company.
FOSTER’s profits will be generated from the development of biomass and trade of CO2 credits. The local communities, who were until now threatening the survival of forests by cattle raising or farming, would now generate alternative economic revenues through the sustainability of the forests valued by tokenized trees ownership and generation of CO2 credits.

There will be three main elements in the FOSTER ecosystem:

1) Main token – FOSTER. The total supply of tokens.
20% – 1.600.000.000 FOSTER is allocated for sale.
This is a utility token of the company and is aimed at its development, purchase of land, marketing, advertising, development, tokenization, and listing on exchanges, as well as other important components for the successful implementation of the FOSTER project.
The 1st round of selling FOSTER tokens for a total amount of 405.000 USDT at $0.00125 for 1 FOSTER started on 11.06.21.

Based on the data obtained, a relatively narrow circle of investors among which the 1st round of the Tokensale was held, there is a great demand in favor of the development of this project. You can say that the sample of investors is representative (covering different gender, income, and place of residence).
Thus, The team believe that the interest from large investors and eventually the entire population of the planet as a whole will continue to grow exponentially because ecology and environmental protection are becoming an increasing focus of interest to absolutely every person. The first round of the project continues. For participation TRES Group recommends using the following algorithm of actions described in the instructions: https://forms.gle/DLJFQBTq4xKyAsLw5

The main element of investing in this project is the token of the Swiss company TRES. The TRES token is available for purchase on the UNISWAP decentralized exchange. Only if this token is available, it is possible to purchase FOSTER tokens during the Tokensale period.
The next round is scheduled for November 2021 for a total of 900.000 USDT, with a total of 480.000.000 FOSTER sold.
The last round of the Tokensale is scheduled for March 2022, where 800.000.000 FOSTER will be sold at $0.0125 for 1 FOSTER.

Solving the Climate Change Problem Using Blockchain Technology - Start of the FOSTER Project

2) The TREE token is a utility token of the company, intended for planting, cultivating, and caring for the tree.
1 TREE = 1 tree. This token will be available for purchase exclusively on the FOSTER portal.
After statistical calculations, registration of the company, purchase of land, and data generation, the price for 1 TREE token will be determined and declared, which will be formed based on the following components:
50% – purchase of new land, planting, care for 7 years, salaries of service personnel, and taxes.
30% – partner program.
20% – quarterly profit from the sale of TREE tokens, intended for all FOSTER token holders.

3) O2PLUS are utility tokens that do not have a limited issue. The issue of these tokens will be based on the issued international certificates for CO2 Credits generated By Foster reforestation activities. These certificates will be tokenized and placed on exchanges in the form of O2PLUS tokens.
Income from the sale of O2PLUS tokens will be distributed to all TREE token holders.

“The atmosphere is one and it has no boundaries, no matter where you planted a tree in New Zealand, Colombia, Paraguay or Alaska — you are already positively impacting our own global atmosphere.” — TRES Group GmbH.

Solving the Climate Change Problem Using Blockchain Technology - Start of the FOSTER Project

In addition, trees not only purify our air and help fight global warming, but also contribute to biological diversity.
A study conducted in Costa Rica found that planting a single tree can increase the number of bird species from almost none to 80.

The team believes that every person on the planet who breathes air should invest in at least 1 tree for the benefit of the future generation and the survival of planet earth as you knew it so far.

FOSTER was born from the passion of several people sharing similar values but bringing in diverse skills and experiences.

Mounir Bouaziz, FOSTER President (former Shell Vice President):

“I worked for Shell for 30 years and learned a lot about sustainability, Energy Transition and Global Warming challenges. For the next 30 years, I want to focus on Nature Based Solutions leveraging my international and diverse experience”.

Anton Katin, Board Member, CEO at SIMBA Storage:

“We are all first and foremost citizens of the planet Earth. I believe that by joining the efforts of all mankind, thanks to the technologies that we have today, we can leave the Earth clean and comfortable for our children. My planet deserves another chance.”

Alex Liakhovnenko, Board Member, CEO at TRES Group GmbH:

“Blockchain technology removes borders and allows everyone to contribute to make our planet a better place.”

Join the project and make the world around you a better place.

You can find out the details of participation in the current round by mail: zug@tres.swiss

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