Today, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection to become a trader in a few clicks. But before you dive headlong into the markets, you need to make sure you choose the right online broker. To avoid unpleasant surprises and to put all the chances on your side, Avatrade, a multi-awarded and internationally regulated broker can be the solution. You will benefit from optimal security and a multitude of tools to become an ace trader.

In recent years, the democratization of the Internet has led to a boom in online trading. There are countless budding investors who dream of making millions from their living rooms. But in order to succeed in the financial markets, you need to have the right tools, starting with the right trading site. To start with confidence, Avatrade is the ideal companion. An internationally regulated trading site on five continents, this multi-awarded forex trading broker takes the security of its clients as a point of honor. This is a mission they take particularly to heart, providing them with all the tools they need to learn how to master the markets.

A guide for dummies, an ebook, video tutorials...

Getting started in online trading requires a minimum of knowledge. Indeed, any investment presents risks, so it is better to make sure you know what you are doing before investing your money. To help beginners, Avatrade has created a comprehensive trading guide for dummies. You'll find valuable advice on the best strategies to adopt, reliable sources of information .... and a host of essential guides to get you started. There are dozens of guides on cryptocurrencies, Forex, short selling, the difference between CFDs and futures, and much more.

Avatrade doesn't just provide a few contents to further educate its clients, it also provides an ebook that is both accessible and enjoyable to read for all trader profiles. The free download offers detailed explanations of the financial markets and the rules of trading, strategies for getting started, as well as a multitude of tips to increase your chances of success. And that's not all! You will also find on Avatrade very complete video tutorials for investors of all levels, as well as a detailed calendar so that you don't miss any of the economic news.

Permanent access to the markets with AvaTradeGO

Once Avatrade clients have learned the basics of trading, they can take advantage of Avatrade's excellent trading simulator to perfect their skills. This useful tool allows budding investors to experience the platform and all its features without any risk. This is because no real money is involved. Users can therefore practice mastering the markets with complete peace of mind before jumping into the deep end. And even when they feel ready, Avatrade is there for them. Indeed, any deposit of 1,000 euros or more entitles the user to the assistance of a personal advisor.

To make life easier for its clients, Avatrade does not only train them, nor accompany them. It provides them with the latest generation of tools that are both complete and easy to use. They can experiment with different trading platforms. There is the MT4/5 (the most popular in the world), as well as DupliTrade (social trading) and AvaOptions (specialized in options). And thanks to the AvaTradeGO app, platform users have the markets in the palm of their hand wherever they are, even when they're on vacation on a beach halfway around the world. They have access to the world's most popular financial instruments at any time: CFDs, Forex, crypto-currencies... the choice is wide!

If you are not 100% convinced by Avatrade, you can always create a free demo account. This way you can make your own opinion on the platform, and discover all the assets that have allowed it to collect awards for over ten years.

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