Vent is excited to announce the launch of their IDO on the Ventup platform, nurtured by Vent Finance. This innovative community-driven platform promises to usher in a new era of decentralized funding for vetted projects and help empower entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

Vent – Welcome to the All-in-One Ecosystem

Vent has announced it is launching the Ventup IDO Launchpad on Polygon to provide startups that launch on the platform with scalability, modular security solutions and compatibility with Ethereum tools. Vent will also construct the first Polygon-Cardano bridge and plans to migrate Ventup to the Cardano blockchain upon the rollout of the Alonzo smart-contract mainnet.

Ventup offers easier access to DeFi investment opportunities for everyone, with powerful features such as a social community, vetted investment opportunities and low transaction fees. The launchpad is also a critical part of the larger Vent ecosystem that provides new projects with an all-in-one solution, from token launch all the way to swapping. The ecosystem also includes VentSwap – a decentralized exchange enabling token holders to trade tokens in an easy, cheap and fast way – and VentCommerce – a marketplace where project can engage with top service providers through the simplicity of a token.

What Makes Ventup Stand Out

There are a number of factors that make Ventup stand out from the cowed of current launchpads, such as its focus on simplicity, security, transparency, and inclusiveness. Above all else, is its unique centralized – decentralized finance (CeDeFi) model – aiming to combine the best of both worlds, the security of a centralized platform and the great investment opportunities of a DeFi platform.

To prevent the current situation going on other platforms – that are full of meaningless hype, scams and fraud – Ventup will only empower vetted and high quality projects. For example every new project launching on the launchpad will be security audited. And the majority of the vetting will be done by the community of investors.

Users can upvote, comment and be active in forums and the community will decide if a project is eligible for IDO or not. Only when a project reaches a threshold of upvotes it will be able to apply for its token launch. The project will then be analyzed by the Vent team to recognize whether or not the project matches the Vent Quality standards before it can launch its tokens and users can transact.

Providing additional safety, Bridge Mutual will provide insurance on smart contracts to protect investors from potential rug pulls. To be eligible to invest into a project, every user needs to pass KYC, but unlike current solutions, Ventup simply requires the process to be completed once.

To learn more information on Ventup visit the platform’s website, and join the community on Twitter and Telegram.

Vent Finance has announced that the registration for the Vent IDO on the VentUp Launchpad will open on Wednesday, July 7, 2021. See full details on how to apply for the whitelist here.

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