Americans First Investor in Bitcoin on the Planet
In 2019, 1.4% of Americans held cryptocurrencies, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

First bitcoin users on the planet, Americans invest each year on cryptos, with a long-term view or to speculate. They belong to the middle and wealthy class, and consider their investments as a precautionary saving rather than their retirement.

The free currency without central banks, the crippling money or cryptos like bitcoin, have gained ground since 2016 in the country of freedom of enterprise and distrust of the Federal State. More than 5 million Americans had been persuaded by them before the Covid-19 crisis. What already made the country the first in terms of users.

A number which has increased sharply since the 20-35 year age group. In March 2021, 9.5 million customers of US online broker speculated on encrypts and particularly on the dogecoin, which is quite popular with the younger generation of amateur traders attracted by high crypto yields. The latter attract men rather than women (3% of Americans against 1% of Americans).


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