According to regional reports, the Burger King franchise in Brazil has introduced a new type of food specifically made for canines called the “Dogeppr.” The new product is a dog biscuit that canine owners can purchase for their pets and the company is accepting dogecoin crypto payments for Dogeppr purchases.

Burger King Brazil Introduces the Dogeppr — Company Accepts Dogecoin for Meat-Flavored Biscuits

At a number of select locations, the Burger King franchise in Brazil has announced that the firm is accepting dogecoin (DOGE) payments for a new dog biscuit the company recently introduced. “Now you can buy Dogepper with dogecoin, take advantage of it,” the Burger King Brazil advertisement reads. “What is the best way to pay for a product aimed at dogs? Obviously, Dogecoins,” the restaurant chain’s advertisement adds.

Brazilian Burger King Customers Can Now Purchase Meat-Flavored Dog Biscuits With Dogecoin
Customers can get a Dogepper added to their value meals as well.

In order to purchase a Dogepper, a customer needs to check the availability and then choose the selected amount of dog biscuits they want to purchase. A Dogepper costs three dogecoins according to the website and there are value meals that include the dog treat. After filling out the registration form, the customer transfers the DOGE to Burger King (BK) Brazil’s wallet.

The Dogepper can be delivered by the BK Delivery, Ifood, Rappi, Uber Eats, and 99 Food mobile applications depending on availability. If the customer doesn’t have DOGE, they can still buy the biscuit with Brazilian real (BRL). The advertisement states:

The biscuits, which carry the characteristic of the famous grilled meat BK flavor, can be purchased for the value of three dogecoins in a simple transaction: the transfer of DOGE from the consumer wallet directly to the DOGE wallet of Burger King.

Dogecoin Proceeds From Dogepper Sales Will Go to Animal Protection NGOs

According to BK Brazil, the company will be using a portion of Dogepper proceeds to help animal protection non-governmental organizations (NGOs). BK Brazil’s dogecoin announcement explains the franchise has partnered with an animal protection NGO called Petlove. The Dogepper will only be marketed and available for a limited time in the South American country.

“We know that enjoying a Whopper in peace, in the comfort of your home, is not an easy task for a mother or father of a pet,” Burger King Brazil concludes. “But also, how can we blame them? The smell of grilled barbecue meat goes far and gives the dogs a stir.”

Brazilian Burger King Customers Can Now Purchase Meat-Flavored Dog Biscuits With Dogecoin
The official Burger King Twitter account regularly tweets about the crypto asset dogecoin (DOGE).

In addition to the promotion in Brazil, Burger King’s official Twitter account often tweets about the crypto asset that features the likeness of a Shibi Inu. When the men’s grooming products company Axe released the Dogecan body spray, Burger King’s Twitter account said: “Please tell me you saved us a dogecan.”

The Axe Twitter account replied and said they would bring it on the rocket, implying dogecoin was going to the moon.

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