Major asset management firm Capital International has gained exposure to bitcoin through investing in almost 1 million shares of Microstrategy which now holds more than 100K bitcoins.

Asset Manager Capital International Buys Nearly 1 Million Shares of Bitcoin-Focused Microstrategy

  • Capital International Investors (CII) informed the SEC in a filing dated July 12 that it has purchased shares of Microstrategy’s Class A common stock (MSTR). The filing states:

CII is deemed to be the beneficial owner of 953,242 shares or 12.2% of the 7,782,568 shares believed to be outstanding.

  • Capital International is a division of Capital Group, a global investment management firm established in Los Angeles, California, in 1931. The firm ranks among the world’s oldest and largest investment management organizations, with over $2.2 trillion in assets under management as of Dec. 31, 2020.
  • Microstrategy has been acquiring bitcoin as its key strategy. On June 21, CEO Michael Saylor announced that his company’s bitcoin holdings had reached 105,085 BTC acquired for about $2.741 billion at an average price of approximately $26,080 per bitcoin.
  • At the time of writing, Microstrategy’s bitcoins are worth more than $3.62 billion.

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