Could You Build a Better Way to Wiki? Free TON Launches Contest With Over $80,000 in Crypto

Free TON, a decentralized international community of developers and enthusiasts, have launched a brand-new contest to rework the Wikipedia Governance model, and there are thousands of dollars worth of rewards on offer.


Wikipedia currently boasts over twenty-one million individual articles, and while many last minute homework reports may have been saved by the dusty halls of these hallowed community moderated forums, the way in which we verify information is evolving. As a cornerstone of internet information databases, it is vital that the way in which Wikipedia works, stays ahead of the curve. The key to this could come from a system familiar to blockchain governance specialists, Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

Since May 2020, the Free TON community have been tinkering with the mechanics of governance models in their ambitious social experiment to decentralize the internet. Now, as they enter their second year of being, the community have launched a wiki-lutionary new contest, to redefine the model of online encyclopedia indexing.

The contest, titled, Freecyclopedia, pulls no punches in its critique of the current information flow on the world’s leading resource. It states issues such as grandfathering (legacy members with disproportionate power), uneven development, and low-quality of articles can be overcome. So, to kick-start this new age of decentralized information, the first stage of the contest is offering over $80,000 worth of TON Crystal rewards to those willing to step up to the challenge!

Think you could walk away with the top prize? Check out all the requirements, and details of entering this, and other exciting Free TON contests, here.

Learn more about Free TON:

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