John McAfee's Widow Is Still Extremely Skeptical of Her Husband’s Alleged Suicide

Following a report from John McAfee’s biographer, the former antivirus tycoon’s widow Janice McAfee has taken to social media to disclose a number of findings. During the first week of July, McAfee published a note that said there was “no sense of urgency” toward the investigation into John’s death by Spanish authorities. A week later, Janice McAfee shared the alleged suicide note “found in John’s pocket” and she believes it “does not sound anything like someone who has no hope and is contemplating ending their life.”

Janice McAfee Questions Suicide Narrative

Janice McAfee, the widow of the famous software mogul John McAfee, is very skeptical of her husband’s ostensible suicide. She has published a series of tweets that suggest she doesn’t believe the suicide story and the last time she spoke with John was on “June 23rd … at 11:30 am.”

“He was found sometime after 6pm,” John’s widow said. “That means he had more than five hours to write the alleged suicide note [and] they want us to believe that note was the best he could come up with? I’m not buying it,” she added.

John McAfee was found dead in a Spanish prison cell and allegedly hanged himself after the Spanish court approved extradition requests from the United States. Following his death, a dead man’s switch theory started to surface and his mysterious ERC20 token called “Whackd” climbed over 700% in value.

Then reports also said that John may have been hiding out in a secret bitcoin mining facility called the “Ghost Hotel.” Janice had spoken out against the suicide theories right away and told the press that she did not accept the mainstream media’s narrative.

Janice McAfee: ‘It Wasn’t John’s First Time Being Without Money’

Following the report from McAfee’s biographer, who claimed the software mogul was broke after his wealth peaked at $100 million in 2007, his widow said on Twitter that it was “hardly news.” Janice further explained that after he left the antivirus company in 1994 he “was not involved with the company for over thirty years.”

She noted that the 2008 financial crisis helped deplete his funds and revealed that John actually did have 47 children. His widow stressed that all of them were cared for financially. Janice also highlighted that a lot of McAfee’s wealth was spent on lawyers to fight “countless lawsuits.”

Moreover, individuals looked at John in a parasitic way and “all they could see [in John] was a dollar sign and an opportunity to make a quick buck.” On July 21, John’s widow took to Twitter once again and described how he kept a few notebooks in jail. She said that over half of the notebooks’ pages were removed. Janice said:

Only four of John’s personal writings were part of his belongings given to me from the prison. The notebooks I did receive had more than half the pages ripped out. It wouldn’t surprise me if more notes began surfacing to further push the suicide narrative. #JusticeForJohnMcAfee

In another tweet, Janice explained that after three weeks of waiting, the family finally received the police report regarding the events surrounding John’s death. “Once the lawyers and myself have had a chance to go over them I will share with you all what I can,” she said on Twitter. Furthermore, Janice talked about the reports of him being broke after his death and she emphasized that it “was not John’s first time being without money.”

“He was not suicidal because of it. Actually it was quite the opposite. He never felt more free,” Janice explained.

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