Have you ever wanted to harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to trade in the cryptocurrency markets? Soldex will not only offer you a way to do this easily, it will also allow you to share the trading algorithms you developed with the community and be rewarded for it.

Create Your Own AI-Powered Trading Bots With Soldex

Soldex is an upcoming third-generation cryptocurrency exchange built on the Solana blockchain. It’s designed to resolve common issues experienced on typical decentralized exchanges. The major advantage over other platforms that the system will offer is the possibility for automated trading using unique trading algorithms developed by the users.

This new tool will allow users to trade in all market conditions, 24/7, and without the possibility of human error. Soldex AI will employ machine-learning and neural network algorithms and traders can choose the bots they want to use according to their risk tolerance, budget, time frame, margin, crypto pairs, volatility, and custom criteria.

Moreover, Soldex will offer educational tools to teach anyone how to create AI-powered trading bots. This means that this powerful tool reserved for experts will now be available to the average crypto trader for the first time. Users would also be able to share the unique trading bots they developed for others to follow and receive commissions for this, thus opening a new stream of revenues for them.

Soldex Offers Many More Advantages Over Other DEXs

Beyond its innovative AI trading capabilities, Soldex offers many more advantages over other DEXs. As it is natively built on the Solana blockchain, it will have none of the infrastructure issues plaguing older systems and be extremely fast and cheap to use compared to anything built on Ethereum.

The system is designed to be very user-friendly and easy to navigate, the opposite of most DEXs. On Soldex you can experience real-time transactions, conveniently deposit using your exchange wallets and make light-speed swaps. It also allows investors to participate in community governance and incentivized liquidity. The latter means that users can lock their funds to a certain period of time and earn interest on the investment.

And most importantly for many around the world – Soldex is completely permissionless, so absolutely anyone, anywhere can engage in trading, providing liquidity, and staking. There is also no KYC requirement – so you don’t need to send ID or bank details to start trading. As the company explains: “With Soldex built on the Solana Blockchain, you will never have to worry about giving your personal details to someone. Your privacy is protected while your money is kept safe.

Soldex AI will be maintained using its own native coin – SOLX. The token can be used for governance rights, paying transaction fees, and staking for profits. The company is currently conducting a private sale, offering 25% of the total supply of SOLX to retail investors. The private sale will only be available until August 31st, so hurry up to invest before it is all sold out.

To learn more about Soldex AI visit the project’s website and follow the latest developments on Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram.

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