Israel’s Mossad Is Hiring a Cryptocurrency Specialist

The Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, is now looking to hire someone who understands digital currencies. According to the job posting, the role requires extensive expertise in the field of financial technologies.

Mossad Recruiting Expert With Fintech Background

Israel’s Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, Mossad, is seeking an expert with a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies and a fintech background, the online edition of the Israeli national daily Yediot Ahronot, Ynet, reported. The job posting has appeared on the agency’s website.

Israel’s Mossad Is Hiring a Cryptocurrency Specialist

The full title of the vacant position is “A Technological Leader in the Field of Fintech.” It requires candidates to demonstrate knowledge in financial technologies and digital currencies. Responsibilities include “leading, initiating, planning, and accompanying systems development activities.”

At least three years of experience in the fintech space is a must for those who apply, according to the Israeli intelligence service. The future Mossad employee should also be an expert in e-commerce, the brief listing details.

Ynet speculates that the organization might be interested in using cryptocurrencies to make anonymous payments to its agents around the world. Another possible application for digital coins would be in the acquisition of sensitive equipment.

Israel has been working to increase its capabilities in the crypto field for other reasons, too. In July, the country’s defense minister at the time, Benny Gantz, ordered the seizure of cryptocurrency funds raised by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas which controls the Gaza Strip.

The department published a list of targeted cryptocurrency addresses. It also said it had begun taking control over crypto wallets employed by Hamas to collect money from foreign sponsors in the wake of its conflict with Israel in May.

In a statement, Gantz was quoted noting that “the intelligence, technological and legal tools that enable us to get our hands on terrorists’ money around the world constitute an operational breakthrough.” The official did not elaborate further but according to a blog post by Chainalysis, the Israelis focused on analysis of intelligence and blockchain data to track the funds and identify individuals and exchanges involved in the donation campaigns and previous terrorism financing cases.

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