Multi-Billion Dollar Financial Services Firm Lloyds Looks to Hire a Digital Currency Expert

Lloyds Banking Group, the British parent company of Lloyds Bank, is currently hiring a “digital currency [and] innovation senior manager,” according to a recent job listing posted to BYP Network. Lloyds is one of the largest financial services firms in the world with close to $500 billion assets under management (AUM). The new digital currency job advertisement highlights the new employee will work with the firm’s mobile banking network with “over 30 million customers.”

Lloyds Banking Group Is Hiring a ‘Digital Currency and Innovation Senior Manager’

A job listing published on BYP Network explains that Lloyds Banking Group is in need of a digital currency expert. Lloyds notes that the company’s Payments Liquidity & Settlement team is a newly formed venture unit and the group and “global network of bank relationships” details that they “look towards the future, digital currencies.”

Multi-Billion Dollar Financial Services Firm Lloyds Looks to Hire a Digital Currency Expert

The job listing follows the recent surge of Fortune 500 firms that have been looking to hire digital currency experts like Amazon, Apple, and Walmart just revealed it is looking for a cryptocurrency lead as well.

“The outlook for digital assets has shifted markedly as a number of factors have converged to make them ready for the possibility of wider adoption,” Lloyd’s job listing says. “Regulatory clarity is improving whilst central banks are actively exploring digital currencies. 86% are running pilots, and certain geographies, e.g. China, are close to going live.”

Lloyds Candidate Required to Understand Cryptocurrencies, Ideally Based in Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Possibly Remote

An individual who is interested in working for Lloyds must have a strong payments product background and “first-hand experience and knowledge of digital/cryptocurrencies and related technologies.” The Lloyds’ digital currency expert candidate must be aware of fintech services and the current market. Alongside all those requirements, the candidate must “communicate complex ideas, proposals, issues, and implications in a concise way to colleagues at all levels and to a range of business partners.”

Lloyds notes that the base salary for this position is £59,040pa and £87,600pa or $120K. However, Lloyds will also provide the potential employee with benefits such as:

  • A performance related discretionary bonus
  • Generous pension contribution
  • 30 days leave plus bank holidays
  • A flexible cash pot (4% of base salary) to spend on benefits
  • Private health cover
  • Wider corporate benefits and perks

Meanwhile, bitcoiners from the subreddit forum r/bitcoin discussed the recent Lloyds job listing for a digital currency expert and one person mentioned the bank gave them issues for purchasing BTC in the past. “I got such a bollocking for trying to buy bitcoin through my Lloyds account. Had to speak to someone from [the] top level fraud team. Got grilled about my long game, volatility etc. I was polite but if I wasn’t so English I would have told them to get f***** and give me my money. Took most of it out though,” the Redditor said.

The Lloyds’ digital currency expert job listing further details that if the candidate meets the skill sets mentioned above the bank would “ideally” like the employee to reside in Birmingham, Edinburgh or London. “These locations are our main payment hubs but applicants are welcome from across the UK,” Lloyds’ job listing concludes. However, at the very top of the advertisement, there is a remote icon hinting that the job position could be fulfiled from a remote location.

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