OVR is collaborating with BlackPool to add augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to its ERC-721 NFTs at OVRLands.

According to reports, the popular digital world of Non-Fungible Token OVRLands, would now have the ability to offer new experiences that give room for every kind of imagination.

Thanks to the entry of BlackPool, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) built exclusively for NFT gaming and trading, now augmented and virtual reality will add experiences to the NFT world.

OVRLands are ERC-721 NFTs representing one of the 1.6 trillion unique hexagons in this digital world played by OVR. Owners can create their own virtual worlds on these virtual lands, adding content like on web pages, which can be viewed on the OVR app (available on both Android and iOS).

With BlackPool entering the OVR metaverse, it is also revealed that the DAO would have also acquired OVRLands’ NFT Eiffel Tower. On May 3, the 60-OVRLands package defined as NFT Eiffel Tower from AKA Cambebert was sold on OpenSea for 38.6 ETH (the equivalent of $106,960).

Here’s how BlackPool comments on its participation:

“We at BlackPool, must and will stand by such a visionary project with a true degen soul and unwavering ambition. We shall now join them in their quest and build the most exciting experiences at the Eiffel Tower, showcasing BlackPool’s ambitions and vision and generating value to The Troop. […] Be there on the day when you will be able to skydive off the top of the tower, slackline over Paris or attend the most degen party at the Champs de Mars… and much more as we can create infinite types of interaction logic within the OVR metaverse”.

OVR and BlackPool: NFTs and the DAO structure

Another association resulting from this OVR and BlackPool collaboration is the entry of a DAO structure that collaborates with the digital layer of the OVRLands NFTs.

As defined by BlackPool itself, its DAO structure seems to be compared to a quantitative NFT hedge fund, governed by smart contracts and controlled by humans.

In essence, BlackPool’s DAO allows people to contribute in ETH and use these to invest in NFT assets across many vertical sectors, with the aim of generating value for xBPT holders.

BPT would be BlackPool’s ERC-20 governance token that provides decentralization over decisions regarding the platform. On the other hand, xBPT would be the staked value of BPT, i.e. the counter value of what is obtained by staking BPT.

So, while BlackPool will be raising the bar for NFT OVRLands, OVR is proceeding to expand into the world of augmented and virtual reality on its own.

In fact, early last July, OVR revealed that it had updated its augmented reality chat app. The new face-to-face AR chats allow users to talk to friends within the OVR app using avatars to interact.

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