Fundraising has experienced a dramatic change over the past ten years. What was once limited to individuals with a specific acumen, network, and level of capital is now accessible to anyone with an internet connection. New technologies and platforms allow the average retail investor to become an early supporter of some of the most exciting ideas that just hit the market. This capability was fostered by the cryptocurrency space with its decentralized funding, but it also applies to other asset classes.

As a result, the number of angel investors in the crypto industry has rapidly increased in recent years. While angel investing is a common practice within the sector, there still exist many outside of the community who know little about the practice.

What Is Angel Investing?

Angel investors, also known as seed investors, are those who contribute early-stage and pre-launch funding for startups. They are a big part of the fundraising process and often know the company and its founders inside and out. Startups can then use this funding to get their idea off the ground.

Most IDO and seed investors commit to a variety of projects, often intending to maximize their short-term monetary earnings, which causes limitations for the long-term growth of the projects. Such a phenomenon is especially true when it comes to the utilization of resources and potential development. At the same time, so many who lack that kind of capital genuinely want to fund good ideas — and the concept of a platform that caters to this large swathe of investors is a growing one.

Imagine a platform where all users have the equal chance to participate in angel investing, with early loyalty and backing of the platform resulting in long-term involvement and great access to new projects. This groundbreaking feature will flip angel investing on its head, revolutionizing the industry and allowing users of all monetary backgrounds to get involved in projects. That is the motivation behind Polylauncher, which focuses on creating a platform that allows anyone to become an angel investor.

Polylauncher, the Angel Investment Platform for Everybody

Powered by the Polygon network, Polylauncher is a fully decentralized platform that simplifies the process of becoming an early-stage investor. The goal is to simultaneously make investing easy while nurturing the growth of projects building on top of Polygon. The Polylauncher team has described its mission as aiming to be the Y Combinator of Polygon. With the increasing interest in the metaverse and NFT-related projects, Polylauncher has the potential to cement a position in the market with its focus on due diligence and a sustainable target market.

All of the projects in the Polylauncher metaverse will be thoroughly vetted and required to follow our criteria for determining high quality. Angel investors will be given scores, determined based on the amount of Polylauncher utility tokens staked, offering a fair and democratic process for anyone to get involved regardless of their monetary level. The more you stake, the higher your angel score, offering greater accessibility to new projects. This gives smaller and medium sized investors more opportunities, especially when compared to whales who are traditionally able to dominate the market. The angel score system is perfect to help boost investor loyalty in committing to a project, while also helping Polylauncher build a community, creating a long-term win-win situation for all parties involved.

Polylauncher is still in the early stages of its development, with an alpha version expected to be released in Q2 2021. KYC implementation and a beta version will follow the next quarter, and more importantly, so will the first IDO. The last quarter of the year will see more exciting features like staking, angel scores, private pools, and social mining — details of which will be provided in the months to come.

Polylauncher Wants To Make Angel Investing Accessible

There’s no doubt that there are significant bottlenecks in the investment space, both in the traditional and crypto markets. But the technology to solve that problem exists right now, and all the angel investment process requires is a strong streamlined experience that adheres to high standards. That’s what Polylauncher is aiming to build, and the signs look good so far. The platform can remove a large barrier of entry for investors and support the growth of promising projects, and this can subsequently make it a crucial part of the Polygon ecosystem.

To know more about Polylauncher and its future developments, visit their social media channels listed below.

Twitter: twitter.com/Polylauncher

Telegram: t.me/Polylauncher

Website: polylauncher.com

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