Refinable, a leading NFT marketplace, today announced the Refinable Gaming Initiative, an industry-specific program aimed at deepening its collaboration with the gaming developer community, supporting NFT communities with a community push to Play-To-Earn (P2E) initiatives within NFT gaming.

Refinable’s decision reflects the incredible momentum in its marketplace as it relates to gaming NFTs. The company’s gaming partners – which include Seascape and ChainGuardians among others – have been gaining traction among Refinable marketplace’s users, as it continues to break new ground in blockchain gaming, creating compelling new experiences.

Under this gaming initiative, the company has announced a series of service offering enhancements to provide greater flexibility, adaptability and monetary benefits to gamers and developers alike. Such enhancements include:

  • Dedicated gaming marketplace
  • Branded and verified profiles and collections
  • Integration with existing NFT configurations
  • Royalties & Logic Integration
  • Customized service fee
  • Smart contract advisory services
  • Increased liquidity access
  • Community outreach & marketing support

In addition to customized service offerings to the gaming sector, Refinable would also earmark US$150,000 to the development and growth of Refinable’s P2E communities.

Refinable’s announcement today also reflects the broader growth in NFT gaming as an industry. Sky Mavis, developers of Axie Infinity, has seen its active user base grow by 350,000 every month. It has also recorded $42 million in sales in June 2021 alone, and is valued at approximately $2 billion.

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About Refinable

Refinable is the definitive solution to create, discover, trade, and leverage NFTs. Our marketplace provides an accessible environment, for any user, brand, or community, by offering multi-chain flexibility, ultra-low cost alternatives, and high performance options to engage with NFT content.

Beyond the marketplace, Refinable also offers custom solutions for brands and projects looking for new engagement opportunities. Contact us for more information.


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