During the first half of the year, non-fungible token (NFT) sales surged to $2.5 billion in 2021, and trade volume shows the trend hasn’t slowed down. For instance, July saw a record $363 million spent on approximately 157,801 NFT sales. Meanwhile, as new NFTs enter the space every day, older Rare Pepe NFTs from 2016 are making a comeback and are being sold on the Opensea marketplace for top dollar.

New Dispenser Technology Makes Old School Counterparty NFTs Accessible on Today’s Most Popular Marketplaces

Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have been all the rage these days as millions of dollars have been exchanged for NFT art and collectibles. On Monday, Bitcoin.com News reported on the project Cryptopunks outpacing the competition this week in terms of sales.

Furthermore, one Cryptopunk owner wants to sell a rare punk (Cryptopunk 3100) for $91 million or 35,000 ether. Additionally, NFTs like Stoner Cats, Art Blocks, Meebits, and more are also selling for tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars per NFT.

Selling Lord Kek Dust — 2016 Rare Pepe NFTs See Fresh Demand Going for Thousands on Opensea
In recent times, XCP asset holders have been able to sell their SoG, Bitcorn, Rare Pepe, and Mafia Wars assets on popular NFT markets like Opensea.

While all these NFTs are raking in lots of ether, old school NFTs are starting to see significant demand as well. The non-fungible token collectible cards from the 2016 Rare Pepe project developed on Counterparty have seen significant sales during the last few weeks.

The reason for this is because Counterparty (XCP) issued NFTs can now be sold on marketplaces like Opensea. XCP-issued NFTs can leverage emblem.finance and connect it to a noncustodial Web3 wallet in order to trade XCP and BTC-based assets on secondary markets. There’s even a step-by-step guide to add your Bitcorn, Spells of Genesis, Mafia Wars, and Rare Pepe trading cards on popular NFT markets.

Nakamoto Card Sells for $93K, Lord Kek Dust Sells for Close to $900 per 0.00042069 LORDKEK

Ever since this cross-technology was released, the Rare Pepe collectible card series has seen significant demand on the Opensea NFT marketplace. There have been numerous Pepe sales taking place this week as the cards are selling for thousands of dollars, in comparison to the lower values they held four years ago.

“RAREPEPE” Card 1, Series 1 often referred to as the “Nakamoto Card” sold on Monday for 29.17 ether or $75,964 at the time of sale. The “LOVEPEPETATO” Series 1, Card 12 recently sold for 2.25 ether or $5,949 at the time of sale. Another “Nakamoto Card” (300 were issued) sold for 35 ether or $93,113 on Monday as well.

In another sale, the “ILLUMINATIPE” (1/10) NFT trading card was purchased for 12.5 ether or $29,364 when the sale was executed. While the emblem.finance protocol has allowed people to sell Rare Pepe cards on Opensea, the most coveted Rare Pepe trading card “LORDKEK” Series 1, Card 34 has not sold yet.

Selling Lord Kek Dust — 2016 Rare Pepe NFTs See Fresh Demand Going for Thousands on Opensea
This fraction of LORDKEK dust sold for 0.35 ether or $878 at the time of sale nine days ago.

The “LORDKEK” card is one of the few divisible Rare Pepe trading cards and only ten cards were issued. Rumor has it only eight “LORDKEK” cards can change ownership and years ago a single Kek sold for 1,600 XCP. There is a single card listed on Opensea alongside fractionalized Kek cards worth 0.00042069 LORDKEK. Kek card dust has been selling, like the fraction that sold for $878.54, or 0.35 ether, nine days ago.

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