Switzerland’s Leonteq Offers Crypto Assets to Investors in Germany and Austria

Swiss fintech firm Leonteq has introduced its digital asset products in two neighboring jurisdictions, Germany and Austria. The company is launching its crypto offering with the help of a Frankfurt-based bank and in response to interest from institutional and private investors.

Leonteq Provides German and Austrian Investors With Exposure to Major Cryptocurrencies

Leonteq is presenting an extensive range of products to investors in Germany and Austria after a successful expansion in its home market, Switzerland. It offers exposure to a total of 18 crypto assets, including bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), bitcoin cash (BCH), and litecoin (LTC), which can be traded in securitized format in the three countries, the fintech announced Thursday.

Tracker certificates on these crypto assets are now available for investors as listed products on Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate AG (Open Market), Leonteq detailed in a press release. The company also revealed it’s collaborating with ICF Bank AG, Frankfurt, a leading securities trading bank in Germany, for the structuring and distribution of structured products on crypto assets.

Sasch Rinno, a member of the bank’s Management Board, pointed out that Leonteq is an established issuer of structured certificates and crypto assets. “We are pleased to be working with them,” he stated and emphasized:

Through this cooperation with Leonteq, we are meeting the interest of both institutional investors as well as private investors in crypto assets.

Tino Wendisch, head of crypto offering at Leonteq, noted that the fintech firm is now covering around 76% of the total market capitalization of the emerging asset class in the German and Austrian markets. Björn Geidel, who heads sales in the two countries, added that Leonteq and ICF Bank have been working together for many years in the area of market making of structured products.

The Swiss fintech has been a pioneer in offering structured products on crypto assets. The company has been issuing tracker certificates and actively managed certificates on the leading cryptocurrencies in Switzerland since 2017. In the same year, Leonteq also offered its clients a short tracker certificate and in 2019, a reverse convertible on BTC.

ICF Bank provides institutional clients with professional services related to securities trading and capital markets. Its business is also focused on market making, execution sales, and sales trading for both domestic and international clients as well as the development and calculation of customized indices.

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