There’s 30 Doge-Like Tokens Today — New Daddy Doge Jumps 57% This Week, Promises to Be First in Space

Following the hype surrounding dogecoin, shiba inu, and then baby doge, another token called daddy doge (DADDYDOGE) has been gathering steam. The coin saw some interest after Elon Musk said the words “daddy doge” in a video of Tesla’s CEO being escorted to a car. Furthermore, the developers of the Daddy Doge project claim the coin will be the first of the Doge family of cryptocurrencies to be sent to space. During the last seven days of trading, daddy doge has gathered 57.6% in gains.

Another Doge-Like Token Claims To Be ‘the Head of the Family,’ Becomes the 30th Shiba Inu Knockoff Coin

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another dogecoin-related crypto asset, another token called daddy doge (DADDYDOGE) has entered the pack of competing canine assets. In fact, daddy doge joins the puppy mill of coins or the 30 meme crypto assets that leverage either the name “doge” or the “shiba inu” breed.

There’s 30 Doge-Like Tokens Today — New Daddy Doge Jumps 57% This Week, Promises To Be First in Space
The Daddy Doge project has become the 30th Doge or Shiba-inu-like token created.

Seven-day statistics show a number of doge-related meme tokens have seen double-digit gains. Daddy doge is another Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token and the contract address shows there’s approximately 1 quadrillion DADDYDOGE. The amount of unique addresses that hold daddy doge today has risen exponentially and commands 37,643 addresses on August 4.

The coin has a website that explains that the Daddy Doge project is “the head of the family.” Similar to baby doge (BABYDOGE), the so-called head of the family is also a deflationary crypto asset. DADDYDOGE also has a white paper that details how the project “takes a 9% tax from each buy and sell.”

“This tax acts to benefit the project as a whole by putting 3% in the liquidity pool for a stable price floor,” the white paper says. “3% [is] proportionally reflected back to all holders of a daddy doge token and 3% added to a marketing/dev wallet to make sure that the project is able to succeed in the long term.”

Elon Musk Says ‘Daddy Doge’ in a Video, BSC Token Surges

The reason the Daddy Doge project has gained attention over the last two weeks is due to a video that went viral on Twitter. The video is a short clip of Elon Musk leaving a court case involving the acquisition of Solarcity. A number of fans can be heard yelling at Musk asking him to say “Daddy Doge.” When someone asked Musk a question, he simply said “Daddy Doge” before entering his Tesla vehicle.

There’s 30 Doge-Like Tokens Today — New Daddy Doge Jumps 57% This Week, Promises To Be First in Space
Daddy doge (DADDYDOGE) chart on August 4, 2021.

Since then, the coin has seen some market traction, just like baby doge (BABYDOGE) did when Musk said the coin’s name in a tweet a few weeks ago on July 1. Market data shows during the past 24 hours DADDYDOGE is up over 13%, 57.6% for the week, and 72.3% during the last two weeks. Just like some of the other dogecoin (DOGE) knockoffs, the daddy doge token trades for way less than a U.S. penny at $0.000000030619 per unit. At the time of writing, 24-hour stats show DADDYDOGE trade volume is around $4.3 million.

At the current price and with one quadrillion tokens in circulation, the market capitalization of daddy doge is around $30 million on Wednesday morning. The project’s Twitter account has 25.5K followers while the project’s Telegram channel has around 28.7K subscribers.

Allegedly Daddy Doge Is Headed to Space

The project’s Reddit page is extremely lackluster with only seven subscribers. Similar to the Baby Doge project, the team behind the Daddy Doge protocol has made a lot of promises. A recent Youtube video of future plans for the Daddy Doge project claims the developers are in the midst of “numerous partnerships, influencers, and marketing initiatives.”

There’s also a claim that the team plans to send a daddy doge (DADDYDOGE) token to space. The video and a number of people in the Telegram channel and the project’s Twitter account have been alluding to this purported event. “We are sending daddy doge into space with a 360-degree camera,” Tyler, an admin of the team’s Telegram channel said in the chat. The Youtube video also makes this assertion and claims the team is working with a famous company.

“They will be creating a custom RIG and high-end DADDY DOGE Mascot to be shot up in Space,” the video says. “This rig will include a viewscreen as well as a 360-degree camera to capture the entire process. Daddy Doge will be IN SPACE. We are getting live footage of Daddy Doge in space with EARTH in the background.”

Reportedly the token team plans to have an ask-me-anything (AMA) while streaming the event. It’s hard to say what the event will specifically entail besides the extremely vague details in the video, the Telegram channel comments, and tweets about the subject. The Baby Doge team engaged in similar marketing tactics when the project linked up with a NASCAR driver and a few pet charities.

Baby doge (BABYDOGE), on the other hand, hasn’t had a spectacular week like daddy doge, as the token is down 12.5% during the last week. Despite being down 2-3% over the last seven days, dogecoin (DOGE) and shiba inu (SHIB) are still the top doge-related meme tokens in existence.

What do you think about the Daddy Doge project and the claims a token will be shot into space? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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