Who created Bitcoin?

The IIC Group and the School of Advanced Digital Technologies (ETNA) have developed a webcast called Blockchain Revolution. It explains in detail the phenomenon of blockchain and bitcoin, the cryptographic currency that is making a lot of news. Here, exclusively for Futura, is a complete episode devoted to the practical aspects of bitcoin. 

In recent years, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have aroused both curiosity and lust among Internet users and the financial world, but behind this revolutionary technology remains a fog of mystery that is hard to dispel. Among Bitcoin's unknowns is the identity of its creator or creators.

Despite many hypotheses, it is impossible to say who created decentralized finance, but many have come up with their own assumptions and theories, sometimes with evidence, but often without... Let's take a look at the most popular theories within the cryptocurrency community. 

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

First of all, it is necessary to explain the role that Satoshi Nakamoto played in DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Nakamoto has played a major role in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Considered the figurehead of the cryptocurrency movement, his name is on everyone's lips in the community, especially when it comes to the direction in which the queen of cryptos should evolve. The only information about Satoshi's person comes from his P2P Foundation profile where he described himself in 2012 as a 37-year-old Japanese man. After publishing a white paper describing how a cryptocurrency works and how to set it up, he will develop the first version of Bitcoin on his own before gradually leaving the management of the development and the Git repository to other active members of the community that was created around it. During his active years, from 2009 to mid-2010, it is estimated that he mined nearly one million Bitcoin out of the 21 million available. 

The multiple identities of Satoshi Nakamoto 

Today, there are several indications that Satoshi Nakamoto is not from the land of the Rising Sun and some prominent tech personalities, such as John McAfee, even suggest that it could be several people under the same pseudonym. That's why part of the Bitcoin community is relentlessly investigating to discover his real identity.

Dorian Nakamoto

Beyond the family name, many clues suggest that Dorian Nakamoto is behind the Satoshi alias. The theory linking Dorian to Satoshi dates back to 2014 and comes to us from newsweek.com. Their article on the subject highlighted many similarities between the supposed Japanese and the Californian man. Both men apparently had liberal views and a connection to Japan. Dorian Nakamoto will deny the association in a letter to the editor of newsweek.com and will be the subject of a community donation drive. 

Craig Wright

Few men claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto are generally taken seriously, but this Australian scientist is surely the most credible of them. The link between Wright and Nakamoto was first established by the media outlet Wired, which put forward some evidence such as the presence of emails mentioning a "decentralized registry" but also a blog where Wright made references to the white paper, months before its publication and its circulation in the community. In 2021, he found himself in several legal wrangles to prove whether or not he was behind Bitcoin.

Nick Szabo

Considered the inventor of smart contracts, Nick Szabo is surely the most credible contender for the title of Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2008, he conceptualized a decentralized virtual currency called "Bit Gold" which functions very similarly to Bitcoin. Author Dominic Frisby pointed out that Nakamoto and Szabo have a similar pen and both once referred to economist Carl Menger. In addition, Nick Szabo worked for the company DigiCash, which was trying to introduce cryptography to digital payments. Today, there is no tangible evidence to contradict the theory linking Nick Szabo to Satoshi Nakamoto.

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