BIA Dinner: Alchemy Pay CEO John Tan Celebrates Milestones of 150 Key Nodes and 200K Supporters BIA Dinner: Alchemy Pay CEO John Tan Celebrates Milestones of 150 Key Nodes and 200K Community Supporters

Some of the premier figures in crypto gathered at the Waldorf Astoria, Shanghai on October 27th, 2021, to celebrate a new alliance with a mission to advance the blockchain industry. The Blockchain Infrastructure Alliance (BIA) was inaugurated with a dinner hosted by the crypto-fiat payment network, Alchemy Pay, alongside co-hosts Polygon Network, NEAR Protocol, Draper Dragon, and Bit.Store. The event was graced by the presence of over a hundred celebrities and leaders of the industry, including Tencent, Alipay, Mastercard, Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Polygon, NEAR, NEO and many others.

At the dinner, John Tan, the CEO of Alchemy Pay, gave an opening speech on behalf of Alchemy Pay and took the opportunity to present the company’s ecosystem as well as remark on the outlook for BIA.

Tan showed just how much Alchemy Pay’s network had developed. After two years of rapid expansion, the Alchemy Pay ecosystem now boasts more than 150 core nodes, including banks, merchant networks, DeFi protocols, exchanges, remittance partners, and others.

Alchemy Pay’s business scope currently covers more than 200 payment channels in over than 60 countries and regions around the world.

During the third quarter of last year, Alchemy Pay’s utility token, ACH, was listed on Huobi, and in the third quarter of this year, ACH was launched on Coinbase, one of the global largest cryptocurrency exchange – anchoring ACH firmly in the global crypto economy.

ACH has also been listed on world-renowned exchanges such as POLONIEX, Gate.io, Changelly, and Uniswap. Its value has risen as much as 150-fold on the back of rising community supporters and investors to over 200,000.

Alchemy Pay’s ACH and services can be used in many areas of everyday life, such as in-store shopping, hotel accommodation, and groceries. However, other blockchain transactions such as cryptocurrency and DeFi investments are also possible.

Alchemy Pay is deeply linked to both cryptocurrency and the traditional fiat currency world. As veterans in both of these areas, Alchemy Pay can provide users with convenient and reliable access to crypto payments. Alchemy Pay provides millions of merchant enterprises with a bridge between crypto and fiat economies.

An exciting development of Alchemy Pay’s virtual crypto-linked card project was also announced at the event. Alchemy Pay will be collaborating with six well-known NFT artists from various countries around the world to launch a total of 36 virtual crypto-linked card designs. These works of art are limited edition NFTs co-branded with crypto-linked virtual Visa cards that offer ultra-premium benefits such as 24-hour butler service, global airport first-class lounges, and hotel perquisites.

One of the six artists who created the card artworks in collaboration with Alchemy Pay, Song Ting, a “Forbes 30 under 30” star who currently holds the record in NFT sales in the Chinese market, introduced herself with characteristic creative spirit at the event, proclaiming “crypto art will herald a massive thought revolution.”

Alchemy Pay’s achievements were affirmed at the event by many partners. Two representatives, who are key institutional partners of Alchemy Pay, Amos Zhang, Global Market CMO and Head of Asia Pacific at NEAR, and Charlie Hu, Head of Polygon Asia, said they are very optimistic about the prospect of promoting the development of the industry together with Alchemy Pay.

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