CryptoDragons Introduces a World-Class Blockchain DNA Project

PRESS RELEASE. NFTs are all the rage right now – they are essentially unique units of data that generally represent a piece of art, media, or other forms of digital files. There are many interesting projects in youthful stages right now, but one of the most prominent NFT projects to arise recently is CryptoDragons.

The project is currently offering a limited collection of 10,000 NFT dragon Eggs for minting. The uniqueness of each individual Egg illustration has been generated through Artificial Intelligence, facilitating a process where the technology creates art.

Once the Eggs hatch a unique firstborn Dragon will be minted. It can earn, battle on blockchain Arena, give offspring to the CryptoDragons Metaverse.

This means that the initial 10,000 Eggs can be an investment, providing Egg owners an opportunity to generate an offspring of unique NFT dragons. The DNA of a dragon can consist of a genome package of 12,000 possible attributes.

The project uses the term “Egg Today, Dragon Tomorrow” to outline the roadmap of the Metaverse. Notably, the team has created four main dragons classes, which include Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The Rare variety can be found as a result of dragon breeding.

In addition to the unique approach to NFT art, CryptoDragons is also the first project to share 50% of its earnings. As the current limited collection of 10,000 NFTs eventually grows, the project promises to share 50% of its earnings from all breeding income with Legendary Dragon owners, meaning a serious sum of Ethereum can be earned.

The online earning calculator on CryptoDragons’ website estimates that a Legendary Dragon owner could potentially earn equivalent to 7.2 ETH for 100,000 breedings and 5 million breedings can potentially generate 361.1 ETH.

Dragon owners organize battles with other dragons via the Dragon Arena. Kassis, a Dragon language with its phonetic standards and alphabet, will be utilized.

Overall, CryptoDragons is looking to be a highly exceptional NFT project. Not only it provides a unique take on NFTs by generating its art through special algorithms, but it is also allowing users to use these NFTs for entertainment purposes in its very own Metaverse.

On top of providing an Ethereum investment opportunity, it’s a project that looks to have some potential for the future. All-in-all, the project will evolve into a fully functional dragon Metaverse, allowing dragon owners experience also on iOS and Android platforms.

About CryptoDragons

CryptoDragons is essentially a blockchain-based Metaverse project providing a unique take on NFTs with a focus on entertainment and fun elements.

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Website: https://cryptodragons.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoDragons

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/cryptodragons


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