Video Game Retail Giant Gamestop Seeks a Senior Engineer for Blockchain NFT Platform Video Game Retail Giant Gamestop Seeks a Senior Engineer for a Blockchain NFT Platform

The American video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer, Gamestop, is seeking a non-fungible token (NFT)-focused senior software engineer, according to a new job listing. Similar to the recent job listing stemming from the social media services company Reddit, the retail giant Gamestop seems to be building an NFT marketplace.

Gamestop Looks to Hire Engineer to Join Company’s NFT/Blockchain Team

On October 25, the corporate entity Gamestop, a retail chain of video game merchandise and consumer electronics, published a job listing seeking a senior software engineer for a possible NFT platform. The candidate, if hired, will join Gamestop’s “NFT/Blockchain team.”

“Gamestop is looking for a Sr. Software Engineer to join our NFT/Blockchain team,” the company’s job listing notes. “This role will be remote and will collaborate with a team of engineers, product managers, designers, and business partners distributed across the U.S. In this role, you will help design, build, and maintain highly scalable services and core API components, powering products and features that delight millions of Gamestop customers.”

Gamestop is not only well known for the video game stores the firm operates, but the recent Wallstreetbets fiasco propelled the corporate entity into the limelight. Wall Street hedge funds allegedly tried to short the company’s shares, and Reddit users from the Wallstreetbets subreddit tried to reverse the trend with a “short squeeze.” Gamestop and numerous other companies like AMC made headlines this year and saw their stocks rise significantly from the Wallstreetbets fiasco.

Gamestop’s recent NFT/Blockchain team member job listing was a popular subject on the Reddit forum r/cryptocurrency during the last two days. “That’s one of the best job listings I’ve seen in a while,” one individual wrote on Reddit. “Very clear on expectations and the requirements make sense (and [are not] artificially inflated) with wiggle room. Don’t have a degree but know your sh** professionally? Get in there,” the Redditor added.

The Gamestop job listing follows a similar NFT job listing from the company Reddit, published last week. The American social news aggregation and discussion website Reddit is seeking a senior software engineer for a platform that features “NFT-backed digital goods.”

The Gamestop job requirements are similar to the Reddit listing, but Gamestop would like the potential employee to know about crypto and NFTs. “NFT marketplace experience and knowledge of crypto, Ethereum, and Ethereum Layer 2 products,” is a prerequisite in the Gamestop listing.

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