How to Recover a Lost Dogechain.info Wallet Password and Unblock 2FA – KeychainX Expert Explains

Have you lost the password for a Dogechain.info wallet or have it locked behind 2FA and fear you will never get to hold your precious coins ever again? Good news, KeychainX wrote a handy guide on how to recover such wallets. This is a trusted service provider that specializes in recovering lost Bitcoin wallets from wallet.dat files, Dogecoin wallet passwords, Android wallet or spending PIN, Ethereum JSON files, presale wallets and can even decrypt blockchain.info 15,17,19 or 21 word mnemonic seed that is no longer officially supported.

Dogechain.info Wallets Can Be Recovered

According to a recent KeychainX article, the team has been able to recover a number of dogechain.info wallets that both had their password lost and their 2FA blocked over the course of the previous month. Dogechain.info is a self custodian doge wallet that uses the same parameters like blockchain.info used back in 2015. It has the wallet ID, 2FA security and the encrypted wallet and keys stored on a server in the cloud. However, if you have the wallet ID but forgot the password Dogechain.info can not help you reset it, there is no easy way to reset 2FA too and you can not even simply click to request a wallet backup needed to brute force the password.

So how do you actually go about recovering your doge? KeychainX explains: To get the wallet backup, you will need to load up Google Chrome and activate the developer tools. Go into the network tab and keep it open. In the main browser window, open up the dogechain.info webpage (Warning: look out for fake impersonators, or your doge will be gone!). Go to login wallet, type in your wallet ID, and anything for the password. Next, go to the network tab, select API and there you will have the encrypted seed that is your wallet.

Once you have the API code, you can try to brute force it, which means that if you have any or small idea of the wallet password, you can find it. After you successfully find the password you will need to import the private key to a wallet of yours choice. You will need to decrypt the wallet using OpenSSL, and after that is done run it through doge core. This can take a few hours at least, so be ready for that. After the importing process is finished the funds should show up in the wallet.

How to Recover a Lost Dogechain.info Wallet Password and Unblock 2FA - KeychainX Expert Explains

KeychainX Is Moving to Crypto Valley

If you are not yet familiar with KeychainX, it is a cryptocurrency wallet recovery service operating since 2017. The company recovered wallet keys for many clients from all over the world and you can see some of their raving reviews on Trustpilot where KeychainX has an almost perfect 4.9 ‘Excellent’ score. Read this article about how it unlocks different types of wallets, here about its work with blockchain wallets and here about specifically recovering keys from Multibit Classic or Multibit HD.

KeychainX is currently relocating from its birthplace in the U.S., to Zug, Switzerland – a part of the world known in the blockchain community as Crypto Valley due to its concentration of relevant companies. Robert Rhodin, the CEO of the company, is naturally one of the leading experts in the field of crypto wallet recovery. He was thus recently invited to the Token 2049 event in London to give a lecture about the possibility of recovering $100 billion in lost crypto. Watch the full presentation below:

To learn more about the company visit KeychainX.io or just send an email to KeychainX@protonmail.com if you need to talk about password recovery.

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