MetaGods, The 8-Bit Action Role-Playing Blockchain Game

PRESS RELEASE. The gaming business is undergoing a revolution thanks to the advent of blockchain technology. Because of this, it’s giving developers a new way to engage the audience with capabilities that were previously unavailable. The Play-To-Earn (P2E) concept, in which gamers’ are rewarded for their time with tokens that can be exchanged for real money, is already commonplace in the gaming world.

In this industry, the GameFi model represents a huge shift from the past, when in-game assets were restricted to centralized protocols and players were prohibited from trading their digital assets outside of the platform. But in recent years, the P2E business model has gained enormous popularity, particularly in developing countries where local employment and opportunities are limited, but also where the vast majority of people have access to basic electronic gadgets and the internet.

MetaGods is one of the projects that is enhancing the Play-To-Earn model. It is the world’s first 8-bit action role-playing game built on the blockchain, as it incorporates innovative game mechanics that are at the forefront of the ongoing GameFi revolution. Players are able to customize their character NFT avatars and gain access to unique characters and abilities. Along with combating deadly creatures, the MetaGods in-game economy also enables users to exchange virtual products with the tokens, and allows them to earn real money for their experiences in the epic dungeon boss fights.

MetaGods GameFi Model

To maximize revenue, MetaGods GameFi model enables users to stake platform tokens directly through the game’s user interface. They will then be able to earn the in-game token to upgrade their character NFTs or buy better weapons and legendary loot. This model will also incorporate a strong social component through the use of GameFi mechanics.

MetaGods features casual and hardcore game types. Casual gamers can explore the game’s universe and farm thanks to the game’s play-to-earn aspects. NFT permadeath is introduced in Hardcore, although APY and legendary loot rates are increased. The real fun begins in this mode.

For seasoned gamers, hardcore mode amplifies the stakes. Winners earn items of increasing rarity and value, but must risk their best characters in order to survive. This strategy, a first in the industry, adds to the game’s suspense and adventure.

These are only the beginnings in the realms of Atlantis and Zion. Additional gameplay elements will be disclosed in the near future!

For the last quarter of 2021, MetaGods is now concentrating its efforts on the game trailer, Early Access Dungeons, DeFi farming, and Generative NFT Characters.

MetaGods Tokens

$MGOD and $RELIC are the two digital tokens that make up MetaGods’ ecosystem.

Using the $MGOD token, players can purchase adventure packs, which include characters, weapons, and consumables. To enter raids, tournaments, and other special events, it will be utilized as an admission fee. Payment for marketplace transactions will also be made in $MGOD.

Meanwhile, the $RELIC token will be used to buy consumables and engage in marketplace activity in the game. Tokens can be earned over time through staking, and will flourish in the largest metaverse economy. In-game merchant mechanics will assist steady the pricing.

MetaGods Raised $3M

In order to bring blockchain technology to a fast-growing gaming sector and transform the non-fungible tokens market, a number of investors and partners, including BoxMining, ABV, Cinchblock, CoinUnited.io, Magnus Capital, Raptor Capital, and Faculty Capital, have joined the effort and contributed $3 Million to MetaGods.

Thanks to this amazing group of investors, they now have the momentum and industry recognition they need to continue forward with their plans to build out the best game on the blockchain.

About MetaGods

MetaGods is an 8-bit, play-to-earn action RPG where players fight against the gods on the path to ascension. Each character NFT is created by the union of mortals, demigods, and titans. They will team up with each other and fight epic bosses, while slowly becoming true gods themselves.

The game works with a dual token system. The $MGOD and $RELIC are the two tokens of the platform. $MGOD is used as the governance token of the project and can be used to enter special events. $RELIC is an earnable in-game currency that supports the play-to-earn structure of MetaGods.

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