Nigerian Artist Davido Launches Fan Token That Gives ‘Power Back to the Fans’

Nigerian artist Davido has launched a fan token, the Echoke Social Token, that he says gives “power” to his millions of fans.

Eliminating the Middlemen

A Nigerian pop artist and celebrity, Davido, recently announced the launch of his fan token, the Echoke Social Token, via his Instagram account.

According to Davido’s Instagram post, this token not only eliminates unnecessary third parties, but also allows him to directly connect with fans. Davido explained:

Happy to finally announce this thing we’ve been working on for a while. It’s the ‘Echoke Social Token’. Everyday, millions of fans create value that is captured by a few execs in a boardroom. Not any more. We’re giving the power back to the fans.

He added that holders of the token will get free access to giveaways, NFTs, backstage passes, jobs, festivals, exclusive merchandise, media, and hospitality benefits.

Partnership With Crypto Company

For the launch of this token, Davido — who previously expressed a desire to start to bitcoin trading company — revealed he has partnered with Bitsika Africa’s new crypto company, Omegoat.

Meanwhile, a report by Cryptoplustv states the Echoke Social Token is not going to be sold to fans but will be airdropped or given away to fans over a period of twelve months. The same report also said the first of such giveaways has been set for November 28.

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