Galileo Exchange Launches Its Native Token, the “GELT”

Galileo Exchange is a groundbreaking hybrid of a Crypto exchange, a Blockchain project, and the innovation of accelerated price dynamics. It combines these essential elements to bring trustworthiness, innovation, value and entertainment.

Galileo Exchange is Fully Developed, Proprietary & Market Ready

The platform introduces many unique features including:

  • Gamification of Financial Markets
  • World’s First Dynamically Tethered Indexes (DTI’s)
  • High Pip Action Trading Instruments
  • Zero-Edge Ecosystem (100% RTP)
  • Native Token (GELT) – built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Bonding Curve Tokenomics
  • BNB Secured Liquidity Pool
  • Community Centric Growth
  • Bi-weekly Trading Tournaments
  • Evolving Development Roadmap

Galileo Exchange is a breakthrough in trader engagement, fun, and profitability. The platform is designed to level the playing field by removing all frictions to trading and is engineered to return 100% of funds wagered back to its users.

Furthermore, the GEx platform offers super-fast trading, high-profit potential, and generous incentives, resulting in a best-in-class user experience.

GELT’s Bonding Curve Tokenomics

Galileo Exchange behaves as a constant liquidity provider through its bonding curve mechanism. When GELT’s are bought & sold on the exchange, the token price increases or decreases at predefined price points on the bonding curve.

Most impressively, ALL BNB’s used to purchase GELT’s, either for investing or trading, are accumulated and never spent, forming the basis of a guaranteed liquidity pool that backs the exchange.

  • GELT is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • GELT is pegged to the Binance Coin (BNB)
  • GELT’s tokenomics are set according to a deterministic & transparent bonding curve function which is implemented algorithmically

100% of Token Sale Proceeds form GELT’s Liquidity Pool

The GELT token is underwritten by a liquidity pool (bankroll) which consists of ALL accumulated BNB deposits from GELT token sales.

Furthermore, all BNB’s are held with announced public keys so supervision & transparency of BNB balances is always possible. Users always know the liquidity is secured.

GEx Features World’s 1st Dynamically Tethered Indexes (DTI’s)

DTI’s are what is “traded” on the Galileo Exchange. DTI’s are tokenized indexes created by combining a base asset with Atmospheric Noise (ATN) forming a new class of digital ‘hybrid’ instruments. DTI’s are designed to turn every second into a lucrative trading opportunity.

Why Atmospheric Noise? … ATN is a naturally sourced commodity and is the very definition of true randomness (TRNG), but when applied to trading, it boosts trading opportunities with more trade setups and 100x more Pip action than traditional indexes.

Value Proposition & GELT’s Capital Gains Potential

Galileo Exchange with its native ‘Zero-Edge’ token ecosystem, will be launched at a valuation of sub-USD$1 million representing an incredible value proposition for early adopters.

You can Buy & Sell the GELT token on the Galileo Exchange Platform using Binance Coins (BNB), 24/7 with guaranteed liquidity as per the bonding curve.

Galileo’s Roadmap Ahead

Galileo Exchange thrives on becoming a fully-featured zero-edge ‘gamified’ platform, making it not only your best alternative in day trading, but also in casino gaming & sports betting!


GELT tokens can be used as an investment strategy (HODling) or they can be used for trading on the exchange resulting in a Zero Spreads, Zero Slippage & Zero Fees environment.

At Galileo Exchange, we are striving to become the platform of choice for day traders, on our one-of-a-kind trading ecosystem. Join us in a unique journey to disrupt the financial, gaming and sports betting industries.

Galileo Exchange operates under Australian law, governed under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Victorian Courts. To learn more, join our growing Telegram community, download the Lightpaper and to start trading visit Galileo.Exchange right now!


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