Not a day goes by that we don't hear about a big company coming to the metaverse. Last week, the insurance company AXA France announced its entry into the virtual world. And this, following the purchase of a plot of land in The Sandbox.

AXA France intends to develop its activity in the metaverse The Sandbox (SAND)

A purchase of land on The Sandbox

Very recently, the presses echoed several entries in the metaverse. We were told the name of the Casino group , which chose The Sandbox, or even the American bank JP Morgan, which dropped anchor in Decentraland.

As recently as February 18, Axa France issued a press release announcing the purchase of a virtual plot of land in The Sandbox. History of becoming a pioneer in this world as a French player in the banking and insurance sector.

Through this gesture, Axa also intends to prove to its customers that it has a good ability to listen to developments in technology, as well as “  emerging trends  ”. Its virtual space will be 100% intended for the creation of sharing spaces for its customers, among others.

Patrick Cohen, CEO of AXA France, commented on the company's intentions thus:

“  The spirit of innovation has been the key to AXA France's success since our creation. We decided to establish ourselves in the metaverse, to offer our talents the opportunity to meet in this new virtual world and explore its uses. As an insurance leader, it is our responsibility to take part in major technological advances to imagine the insurance of the future. We are only at the beginning of the metaverse, so we want to learn and give ourselves the means to familiarize ourselves with these platforms and communities as soon as possible.  »

AXA has chosen to be supported in this process

The acquisition of a plot of land in the video game company The Sandbox shows that AXA France is driven by a great desire to evolve with the times. This is the reason why the company took advantage of this press release to specify the opportunities for meeting and interaction in the metaverse. With a rich community of 2,000 members, AXA Tech, Digital and Data, and also open to new talent, this bet is won in advance.

It should also be noted that this landing in the metaverse required the support of other players such as The Sandbox , the hood, Excelsior Gaming and Metaverse Studiowhich. Which will refine the technical and technological parts of the project, in particular the development of this newly acquired plot.

We recognize that to date AXA has not issued specific details in its installation in the metaverse. Observers believe, however, that it could open a virtual agency there, or offer new services adapted to the virtual world.

It is almost certain that this initiative will enable AXA France to reach new audiences. In the era of technological developments, any company worthy of the name is required to adapt to any form of change in its environment. If so, it will be suicide forward.

Sources: Ro-Evolution

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