After establishing itself as the store of value of the future, bitcoin is proving that being an uncensored payment system is at least as important, if not more so. The Russians and Canadians are beginning to understand this.

Bitcoin against financial dictatorship,... Bitcoin at the bedside of democracy

Canadian democracy sick of COVID

Exasperated by the endless restrictions on freedom, Canadians have joined the capital Ottawa to demand an end to this viral circus that is as Kafkaesque as it is disturbing. Faced with a deaf minister, Canadians went so far as to block a bridge through which 30% of road trade between the US and Canada passes.

Three weeks have passed since these peaceful protests began, but Justin Trudeau still refuses to listen to reason. Worse, he has instructed his finance minister to announce unprecedented authoritarian measures. Chrystia Freeland has been firing on all cylinders, even daring to say that the protests would be a "serious threat" to democracy:

"Around the world, liberal democracies have faced serious and sustained threats.

We may have thought - we may have hoped - that Canada would be spared. Over the past two and a half weeks, we have learned that this is not the case.

This occupation and blockade is causing serious damage to our economy, to our democratic institutions and to Canada's international reputation."

This reversal of values, worthy of Orwell's 1984, suggests that peaceful protest is no longer the preserve of healthy democracies. On the contrary...

Such stubbornness can only mean that there is a dark agenda behind this covidian fanaticism. The rest of the minister's speech gave us a taste of this:

"The government is issuing an Order in Council with immediate effect, under the State of Emergency, authorising Canadian banks to temporarily freeze funds in a bank account suspected of being used to support blockades and illegal occupations. The order covers both personal and corporate accounts.

Chrystia Freeland announces that the government of Canada gives full authorization to financial institutions "to temporarily cease providing financial services" and "review their relationships with anyone involved in the blockade."

- Mauricio (@_m2pacheco) February 14, 2022

"Chrystia Freeland announces that the Government of Canada fully authorizes financial institutions "to temporarily cease providing financial services without justice being involved" and "to review their relationships with anyone involved in the blockade."

In other words, using your constitutional right to protest and strike is now punishable by having your bank cut off. As if that wasn't enough, truckers' insurance can also be cancelled.

Reuters reports that the Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank) has already frozen two individual bank accounts into which C$1.4 million had been deposited in support of the protesters.

This highly authoritarian move comes after the government has already prevented crowdfunding platforms GoFundMe and GiveSendGo from distributing millions of dollars raised to buy food for the truckers who are pounding the pavement in -20 degrees.

Faced with this obvious denial of democracy, Canadians decided to withdraw their money from the banks. But again, the banks betrayed their customers by dragging their feet to fill the ATMs:

BANK Outages at all big 5 Canuck banks!

Trudeau has crushed consumer confidence in the banks in less than 48 hours. Some ATMs are still allowing cash to be pulled out but going empty.

The bank has now locked up EVERYONES funds due to a massive run on the banks.

- Kobayashi 🥛🐸 (@Kobayashi_BSLSK) February 17, 2022

"ATM failures at the big 5 Canadian banks!

Trudeau has destroyed Canadians' trust in banks in less than 48 hours. ATMs remain empty.

The banks have now blocked the funds of EVERYONE."

So unsurprisingly, Canadians have turned to bitcoin, the only currency whose transactions can't be blocked by governments. Nearly $1 million (21 BTC) has been raised to keep democracy alive, just a little longer...

Bitcoin against financial dictatorship

We knew that Bitcoin is essential for every human being to protect themselves from inflation from the first peso, dinar, dollar or euro. Now the world is discovering another fundamental aspect of bitcoin: it is absolutely uncensorable!

In this regard, it is worth noting that the Canadian setbacks have not gone unnoticed in the US. US congressmen have just proposed legislation to ban this kind of financial repression. Bitcoin Magazine reports that Congressman Warren Davidson introduced a bill called the "Keep Your Coins Act" on Tuesday, February 15.

If passed, the bill would prevent any federal agency from prohibiting or restricting in any way the use of bitcoin, for example to purchase goods and services, and to transact via a private wallet.

It is indeed an open secret that US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (former FED Chair) would like to ban private wallets. A heresy when you know that decentralisation is the very reason for the existence of bitcoin. Not your keys, not your coins!

All this leads us to the great project of the powerful: the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), which will probably be the icing on this dystopian cake that is being prepared for us.

Ending health tyranny is not the only concern of Canadians. At its core, it is about stopping the underhanded implementation of a high-tech apartheid system using biometric digital identity.

There is no longer any doubt that this pandemic is being used as an excuse to lay the foundations for a segregated system. It is already clear that this health pass will eventually take on other forms in due course.

The EU's 'wallet' is already in the works. This biometric digital identity (iris/fingerprints) is designed to hold things like means of payment, driving licence, diplomas, identity card, etc.

When you hear the globalists at the World Economic Forum calling for stakeholders to "collaborate and invest collectively in compatible biometric-based digital technologies", you know they want to create an open-air cyber prison.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements (the central bank of central banks) has been very clear on this point:

Bank for International Settlements' Head Agustin Carstens about CBDC and Control#TheGreatReset

- Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil (@ivan_8848) July 20, 2021

We intend to create a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) which will be equivalent to cash. However, these two currencies will be very different from each other. For example, with cash, we don't know who uses a hundred dollar note or a thousand peso note today. In contrast, with the CBDC, central banks will have total control over the rules that will condition its use.

The powerful seek to make money "conditional". Once the CBDC is accepted and operational, it will be child's play to disable "dissenters" in the same way that we disable the non-vaccinated.

Furthermore, and even more crucially, central bank money will allow the population to be rationed in order to prevent inflation from spiralling out of control as energy, and especially oil, production declines.

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