Katy Perry has made waves in the cryptocurrency user community following a post on the social network Instagram. Whether for fun or to impart genuine information, she wrote that she is considering quitting the music business to become an intern with the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. Joke or not, hard to say.

Does Katy Perry really want to join FTX cryptocurrency exchange?

The fall of Katy Perry

Katy Perry certainly has a funny way of promoting the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. She announced that she would join it to work there as an intern after giving up her music career.

One thing is certain: currently, Katy Perry no longer has the same career as in the past. She, who was 9 times number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 , saw her statistics drop sharply following the many blunders she made and that her fans did not appreciate. However, even though her career isn't as it once was, one can't help but remember that she equaled the record of the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Unfortunately, things didn't always go well for Katy. In 2017, her album “  Witness” was a huge flop and received a slew of negative reviews. Since then, the singer has struggled to recreate the exploits of the past. Moreover, his latest single, "  When I'm gone" does not manage to position itself in any ranking.

From the descent into hell to cryptocurrencies

Given the descent into hell that Katy Perry's career has experienced, for many people, the fact that she plans to leave the music business is by no means a surprise. On the contrary, according to some, it was only a matter of time; and that time seems to have arrived.

Indeed, the singer, who is much more present on social networks than in the studio, began to make a real campaign for cryptocurrencies. It's hard to know how much she has invested in the sector, but one thing remains certain: she must have put a lot of money into it. Anyway, it recently unveiled its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It was in December.

Is Katy Perry really going to work as an intern for the FTX cryptocurrency exchange? At present, no one can answer this question, not even his professional staff. Still, it's worth noting that in recent months — especially since launching her NFTs in December 2021 — she's become very active when it comes to talking about cryptocurrencies.

Source: U.Today

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