Havas Group, one of the world's largest communications groups, has just acquired a parcel in The Sandbox ecosystem. The company, owned by Bolloré, is implemented in more than 100 countries with no less than 68 villages to its credit. With the creation of this new village, it is one more, but it is especially the first virtual village. With its experience in this field, the company confirms its desire to expand its strategy in the field of metaverses.

Havas Group lands in the world of metaverses (The Sandbox)

The Havas digital experience

With several successful experiences in the virtual domain, Havas is now tackling metaverses. The company is betting on helping brands to invest and understand how this new world works.

A year ago, it created "METAVERSE BY HAVAS", a consulting and creation service for brands. The group provides support in marketing issues in order to target and correctly use these new virtual technologies.

Some of the group's successes:

  • 2008: Air France and the Second Life solution;
  • 2020 and 2021: launch of the "Undercover Avatar" campaign in the game Fortnite for the association "L'Enfant Bleu";
  • GTA V: Alonzo's concert live from Los Santos for Puma;
  • League of Legends: virtual clothes for Louis Vuitton.

Havas Group is no stranger to the virtual world, and is keen to continue and assert its position in this new virtual industry.

Havas & The Sandbox

On February 16, Havas announced that it now has a virtual plot in the game The Sandbox.

We now have a virtual plot in the video game @TheSandboxGame, a first in our industry, to offer brands and talent an immersive, augmented and always more #meaningful Havas Village experience in the #metaverse, at the forefront of technology and innovation! https://t.co/9AfZP7Ksb0 pic.twitter.com/bSvRPJ0CjV

- Havas Group (@HavasGroup) February 16, 2022

The goal is to offer brands an immersive experience. Using virtual and augmented reality technology, the company has created "Havas Village" in the metaverse.

For the company, this is a new method of communication that brings the possibility of creating original experiences and different from what can exist. With this solution, the company hopes to push back the limits, to make people discover new things, to reach a new audience, all assets that it wants to put forward for its clients.

Innovation, the key word, Havas Group has planned to open a recruitment office. This is unprecedented and should help develop the employee experience.

The group is now consolidating its offer in the virtual domain with the acquisition of a plot within The Sandbox. The innovation allows to bring a know-how in the field of new technologies such as the metaverse.

A nice proof that the traditional sector is getting a little closer to the virtual world. Havas Group is betting on innovation to be the first to offer this type of service. This is a godsend for brands or companies wishing to develop in this virtual world.

It's an opportunity to reach a new audience and develop their communication. A brand new virtual world but within everyone's reach!

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