The founders of the non-fungible token (NFT) collection Cool Cats have secured a deal with CAA, an American entertainment and sports agency located in Los Angeles, according to a report posted on Friday (Creative Artists Agency). Cool Cats is one of the top 20 NFT projects in terms of total sales volume, and it follows in the footsteps of other NFT initiatives such as Cryptopunks, Meebits, and World of Women, who have signed partnerships with talent managers or agencies.

Creators of the Cool Cats NFT Collection Sign With Leading Talent Agency CAA

CAA Ink Licensing Deal with Cool Cats Creators

CAA, a talent agency that represents a variety of clients in the entertainment and sports industries, has announced that it has secured a deal with the producers of the NFT initiative Cool Cats. Rob Mehew, Colin Egan, Evan Luza, and Tom Williamson invented the Ethereum blockchain's randomly produced NFTs in July 2021. The Cool Cats collection includes 9,999 cats with over 300,000 characteristics that were built at random.

Colin Egan, the project's co-founder, told author J. Clara Chan on Friday, "The world that we're constructing is full of creativity and full of just stuff to explore." "Rather than simply a JPEG, it'll be more of an experience," Egan noted. Early versions of the cat pictures were done by Egan in high school.

A number of NFT projects have secured arrangements with talent agencies, according to News. United Talent Agency (UTA) announced in September 2021 that it has secured three NFT projects from Larva Labs. The next month, in October, CAA signed an agreement with the NFT asset collector known as "0xb1."

CAA stated at the time that it wanted to assist 0xb1 in "monetizing their collection of NFTs through licensing and commercial agreements." The NFT initiative World of Women (WoW) teamed with Guy Oseary in mid-January 2022, announcing that WoW's brand will be exhibited across a variety of media channels.

Cool Cats is now the 11th largest NFT project in terms of sales, according to's all-time sales volume data per NFT collection. Cool Cats has totaled $290.44 million in sales over the years, with 11,353 dealers and 35,939 transactions. The Cool Cats' current floor price is 8.5 ether, or $25,900 for the least expensive NFT. Cool Cats has a market valuation of roughly $261 million, according to metrics.

According to data from and Dune Analytics, there are 5,372 to 5,379 distinct addresses that have at least one Cool Cats NFT. One address may command 323 Cool Cats, and the average owner has at least two from the collection, with one NFT being the median.

Cool Cats' co-founder Evan Luza told J. Clara Chan of that the objective is to "transcend the limited niche that is only NFT, blockchain-centric" with various media derived from intellectual property (IP). A Cool Cats NFT was recently featured in a Yuga Labs teaser film about the impending mystery project powered by apecoin, which was released on March 19. (APE).


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