The Dogami native cryptomonnaie was launched today on and Vortex with an initial price of $0.075 USD.

Dogami debuts his own cryptomonnaie, DOGA

Incorporated into the Petaverse is a token.

The DOGA token, in its most authentic form, represents the energy generated by the symbiotic relationship between the animal and its owner. The players must spend DOGA on their Dogam in order to generate more energy (in the form of tokens) and therefore strengthen the symbiotic bond.

DOGA can also be used as a Petaverse entry ticket or access token. To get access to and participate in specific activities in the Petaverse, players must have a minimum of DOGA.

The DOGA is a valuable and scarce resource. A total of 1 000 000 000 DOGA is set aside as a reserve. He makes use of the new Tezos FA1.2 token standard. In essence, the token represents the DOGAM ecosystem's currency. He has three objectives.

1. Good digital: The DOGA token will be a good digital token that can be used to purchase a variety of products inside the DOGAM digital ecosystem, such as dogs or dog food.

2. Governance functions: To promote decentralised governance centred on the community, the DOGA tokens will allow holders to propose and vote at DAO governance meetings (i.e. general meetings) to determine new functions, system updates, and/or ecosystème parameters, as well as provide feedback.

3. Finally, the network aims to reward active contributors. As a result, users that deposit DOGA in order to access/participate/play games, or who provide liquidity on other decentralised platforms in exchange for LP tokens, will be rewarded with DOGA or other NFT assets that have use in the Petaverse.

You may continue reading the white paper in English here.

A highly anticipated launch just a few months after Tezos set a new record.

Indeed, the minting of the first 8000 DOGAs was a huge success, and it was accompanied by a slew of new releases that wowed investors. The mint price was 50 XTZ and is now around 440 XTZ for DOGA of type "bronze," with a record sale of 9490 XTZ for a DOGA of type "diamond" yesterday.

In addition, Dogam has announced a collaboration with The Sandbox in order to bring his dogs into the latter's metaverse. One of the first, because it does not yet have any playable animal characters.

Not only that, but as stated in the white paper, Dogam's team recently confirmed monthly airdrops on Discord: "we can assure you that a total of 70 million tokens (7 percent of the total offer) will be distributed over the next 14 months to not only entice existing members, but also to grow our community." DOGA tokens will be distributed to holders and will also be used for other promotions and activations. The actual number of tokens sent each month will be determined on a monthly basis, according to Celine of the Dogam team.

More information on the Dogam project may be found in this interview with the project's CTO and co-founder. Here's a link to trade DOGA/USDT if you're interested.

For the time being, Dogam is adhering to its plan, and the excitement around the metaverse, NFTs, and native tokens (not least due to the enormous success of APE) are all factors that are conducive to the project's success. However, nothing is certain, especially in cryptomonnaies, and every investor or interested party must stay abreast of both good and bad news.

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