« With a single click, my whole nette worth of a million dollars was envolée. Is there any hope? Are you a GMI? Is it possible that the snipers felt sorry for themselves? It's very likely that the owner of the Ether Rock was forced to write this statement in pleur. ' You had a rough day... » sarcastically, DinoDealer (Daniel Powter).

NFT Collector Accidentally Sells $1.2M Rock for $0.0012

The price of Ether Rock has dropped significantly.

« With a single click, » this NFT collector has lost the whole value of his Ether Rock, which was valued at 444 ETH. If we take into account the current price of Ethereum (ETH), this object would be worth $1.22 million.

Except that his scheme did not go as planned. He lost his belongings due to a bogus OpenSea manipulation: instead of taping 444 ETH, he taped 444 WEI. And we all know that the WEI is the smallest unit of Ethereum.

As a result of its sale, the Ethereum Rock was purchased by a robot for the sum of 0,0012 dollars. The NFT stone was immediately put up for sale by the same robot, on the same platform, for 234 ETH. This will result in a net profit of 650 000 dollars for the fortunate holder of this cryptographic asset at the conclusion of a transaction.

DinoDealer's only solace came in the form of a series of bemoaning tweets.

Irreversible mistake?

Bots that profit from such blunders are commonly seen on markets like OpenSea. Due to the decentralised nature of cryptomonnaies, they do not allow any kind of rattrapping.

Furthermore, moving cryptographic assets from one wallet to another usually entails a long string of letters and numbers, which frequently results in typographical errors.

Despite the fact that DinoDealer used his negotiating skills to correct his mistake, he has yet to receive a positive response. To close the loophole, the robot's owner was presented with similar proposals. Mr. DeanDealer, take a deep breath!

On Twitter, the former owner of Ethereum Rock expressed regret.

The news quickly spread through social media platforms, prompting some users to console DinoDealer. As a result, reassurances poured in from all directions, no matter how small.

On Twitter, he was inundated with condolence messages for the unfortunate owner of Ethereum Rock. Some people even went to the extent of offering him low-value NFT stones to help him with his larmes.

DinoDealer, half-hearted, decided to ravage his larmes and declared:

« What is the Crypto client service? Bonjour. Is it possible for me to make an annulment request? »

We're hoping it won't be a disaster in the desert, given that OpenSea isn't unfamiliar with such situations.

In the meantime, as the situation evolves, we recommend that you increase your caution while selling an NFT like this Ethereum Rock. Verification, verification, and more verification should be our mantra for avoiding a repeat of such an error.

Source : CoinMarketCap

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