The Paris NFT Day is coming

Do you want to understand more about the problems with NFTs? Then we've got some great news for you! On April 12, a day dedicated only to NFTs will be conducted in Paris to kick off the beginning of the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, which will take place on April 13 and 14. What can we anticipate from today? What is the best way to get there? Everything will be explained to you!

The Paris NFT Day is coming

What to expect next April 12 at Paris NFT Day?

Are you a fan of NFT technologies? You will be catered to! Paris places NFT in the center of worries as part of the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS)! Come meet the actors of the environment in the enticing setting of the Palais Brongniart. The day is split into multiple sessions to cover all aspects of non-fungible tokens!

First, you can attend a whole range of conferences on the challenges of NFTs in the modern economy. How to adopt your business strategy to integrate these digital assets? How do NFTs work and how are they a revolution in digital property? So many questions to which the various speakers will provide some answers.

Then, a very real NFT gallery will be opened , for the pleasure of the eyes and the ears. The artist Agoria, whom we introduced to you recently , will present his work alongside other virtuosos of digital technologies. Often criticized for their dematerialized and futile side, this art gallery will allow everyone to realize that the place of NFTs can occupy in real life.

Finally, an NFT auction will be organized by Blackpool, a decentralized fund dedicated to NFTs. An alternative to traditional OpenSea launches, this event will be an opportunity for aficionados to acquire NFTs in an original way.

The first Meet Up of the Bored Ape Yacht Club phenomenon in France

The holders of the famous world-famous monkeys will be able to participate in an unprecedented event in France . Indeed, the first meet-up of the Bored Ape Yach Club will be organized by the France Ape Yacht Club. With a minimum price of approximately $260,000 on OpenSea, it is better to have a well-stocked wallet to afford one of the NFTs in the collection. It is however necessary to underline the multiple initiatives taken by the project, which has just launched its own cryptocurrency (APE).

You will have understood it, the Paris NFT Day promises to be colorful! Professionals, individuals, developers, artists, players, investors and fans will meet to discuss a common theme: the NFT phenomenon . Much more than a simple trend, digital players will be able to present very real use cases and exchange with the community.

To not miss anything of this event, register for Paris NFT Day on April 12th. You can also take your places for the following two days, focused on the blockchain universe during the Paris Blockchain Week Summit. More than 3,000 professionals are expected to discuss the crucial issues of this ecosystem.

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