The textile industry affected in Ukraine

The war led by Russia weakens the Ukrainian textile industry. Most of the companies in the sector, which manufacture for brands like Hugo Boss or Adidas, have had to stop work. For how long ?

The textile industry affected in Ukraine
Clothing workshop in Skvyra, Ukraine, September 3, 2018. MAXYM MARUSENKO / NURPHOTO / NURPHOTO VIA AFP

The war in Ukraine has not completely stopped the economy but, like the textile industry, everything is slowing down, notes the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Joachim Beer, CEO of Dr. Bock Industries, a German textile manufacturer which has three factories in Ukraine and 500 employees there - 90% of whom are women - explains to the German daily that he did not hesitate long before closing .

Its factories, located in Polonne and Pulyny, in rural areas of western Ukraine hitherto spared from Russian bombs, produced 2,700 pants a day before the invasion for major brands. The employees came to work in a bus chartered by the company. “We had to put part of our fleet at the disposal of the army ,” says Joachim Beer.

2,500 factories and 236,000 jobs

“In the time of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was a center of the textile industry”, explains the daily from southern Germany.

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