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The Twitter account of a baseball journalist ESNP hacked by crooks NFT

It is not new in the cryptocurrency world to see cyberattacks against people or structures. The victim of day is a popular journalist who saw his count piratic Twitter by swindlers NFT.

The Twitter account of a baseball journalist ESNP hacked by crooks NFT

Jeff Passan gets hacked during "the most important information day" of his life

Jeff Passan is a popular journalist followed and supported by many Internet users. Recently, his Twitter account was hacked for malicious purposes. Indeed, hackers took control of his account to promote the Skulltoons NFT project by offering gifts. The latter encouraged Internet users to click on a malicious link.

Jeff Passan was marked by this event, as he considered it "the most important information day" of his life. Indeed, the MLB and the Players Association were struggling to find common ground on an employment contract. Jeff Passan was in the process of announcing that an agreement had finally been reached between the two parties.

Netizens were waiting for the next developments when suddenly, his account began promoting gifts for the Skulltoons NFT project. His username was changed to Jeff.eth, along with his profile photo and bio.

His profile photo represented illustrations of NFT. Moreover, according to screenshots of the deleted posts, Jeff was promoting Skulltoons. The association aimed to offer 20 pre-sale locations for March 20. And of course, you had to click on a link to get a chance to win.

The Skulltoons team reacts immediately

Following the hacking of Jeff Passan's Twitter account, Skulltoons NFT received reports about this. The project team says it is not involved in this hacking and invites netizens and its community to pay more attention. According to a tweet from Skulltoons, Jeff Passan was hacked by someone who also wants to hack the community.

The team says they are not associated with Jeff in any way. Moreover, the hacking in question did not take long. ESPN acted quickly and effectively to recover Jeff's account within two hours.

Jeff Passan, meanwhile, to announce his return, just changed his Twitter background with a white image. He chose this image in reference to Michael Jordan when he came out of retirement to play again.

Skulltoons NFT

It is important to note that hackers often try to hack the accounts of influential or popular people. They try to make subscribers believe that they benefit from promotions from the person they support. This was the case with Jeff Passan. Several other platforms such as BitBoy Crypto, Altcoin Buzz, Box Mining, Floyd Mayweater and more have also been hacked.

While Jeff Passan was about to announce important news to the world, his Twitter account was hacked. The purpose of the hack was to promote Skulltoons NFT by offering gifts to those who would click on a malicious link. His account information was also changed to suggest that he was collaborating with Skulltoons. Moreover, Skulltoons reacted quickly and stated that it was not involved in this piracy in any way.

Source: Cointelegraph