Axie Infinity Origin is an online video game that introduces the idea of cryptomonnaies. It's a game that's entirely based on NFTs. The game was created by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese firm, and it uses Ethereum-based tokens. The world of cryptomonnaies and blockchain may be explored in a fascinating and entertaining way by all users.

Axie Infinity Origin

Axie Infinity: Origin is live in Early Access!

This is a very early version of the final product and we will be upgrading it quickly over the coming weeks and months.

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The goal of Axie Infinity

Following the recent piracy of Ronin Network, it was critical to regain the trust of players, users, and investors with the launch of a new game. This catastrophe cost the players of Axie Infinity, as well as Sky Mavis, almost 624 million dollars. The company claims to have raised funds in the amount of $150 million from Binance and other investors. It is, according to her, a means of assuring the entire community in terms of its ability to handle urgent needs in the form of roulement funds.

Origin is a free and self-contained online game that may be downloaded via Sky Mavis' distribution platform, Mavis Hub. His launch was supposed to happen last week, but it had to be postponed due to piracy. The free-to-play alpha test is not yet available for Android or iOS. However, a web-based mobile version has been planned.

« We wanted to keep making progress and show the community how hard we were working. This is why, earlier this week, we launched the anticipated access. We're excited about it, and we think the community will be, too," said Jeff Zirlin, cofounder of Sky Mavis and head of growth.

Is Axie Infinity an inaccessible platform?

On the current version of Axie Infinity, there are over 1.5 million active users every day. However, due to its high price, the game is not accessible to everyone. In fact, players must use cryptomonnaie transactions to strike their Axies or creations. Currently, the cost of creation is estimated to be around $20 per unit. The cost has become a major stumbling block, since the Axie Infinity project has quickly become a must-have in several countries, such as the Philippines. As a result of the pandemic, the residents have turned to gambling in order to save their lives. In fact, these individuals were enticed by the prospect of increasing their earnings by playing.

After you've started playing, your characters can grow and be traded to other players. It's all about the principle of "play to earn." For a unique identification of each character Axie, the game employs NFT (non-fongible tokens). As a result, the project Axie Infinity has quickly become the forerunner of blockchain play-to-earn games, allowing Sky Mavis to earn 152 million dollars.

It's worth noting that the project's capitalization has surpassed $3 billion. Despite the piracy event, the AXS token is worth 52,39$ per unit.

Following a $624 million fund raise to compensate players who have lost their cryptomonnaies, Axie Infinity plans to increase the number of validators to 21 in the coming months. Following then, after a security check and an update, the Ronin network will be operational again.

In the meantime, Sky Mavis has launched the game Origin in order to expand her user base. This last one allows you to start playing with three characters right away, with no need to use a digital wallet or even buy an NFT.

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