METAV.RS and Dress X promise to make the Palais Brogniart vibrate on the day of the PBWS 2022 launch and the Paris NFT Day. In fact, the two have promised to provide visitors with an immersive virtual reality experience. It's a true aubaine!

NFT Day in Paris: METAV.RS and Dress X the immersive fashion experience

For the first edition of Paris NFT Day, you've never seen anything like it

It has been announced that the Paris NFT Day will serve as the send-off for the 2022 edition of the Paris Blockchain Week Summit. On April 12th, lovers of non-fungible tokens and the NFT community were enthralled by the activities planned for this monumental event. Who wouldn't want to have a "immersive experience centered on virtual reality" in the midst of a European Envergure Conference?

As a result, at the conclusion of the Paris NFT Day, the assistance received a one-of-a-kind experience that will go down in the annals of fashion history. This has been made feasible thanks to a collaboration between and Dress X, two complementary businesses capable of handling large crowds.

The immersive experience was formalized through a display of avatars wearing NFT 3D glasses. This blunder was the subject of augmented reality broadcasting across their stand's multiple screens.

In any case, and Dress X have planned a special NFT drop to coincide with this spectacular show. Visitors had the opportunity to participate in a real-time NFT test before making a purchase. What can be done to narrow the gap between the real and virtual worlds?

Clément Foucher, cofounder of, had this to say:

« The luxury industry is undergoing a complete transformation because to the Web3. NFTs and metavers enable brands to reach out to new audiences, improve customer experience, and generate new revenue. The first clients of NFT wearables that can be used in augmented reality, integrated into a cross-platform avatar, and unlocking IRL benefits are enthralling. The expectations of Generation Z are enormous, and we're here to help brands meet them... »

A few words on and Dress X is first and foremost a French startup specializing in white-label Web3 solutions. The majority of them are intended for NFT commerce as well as metaverse experiences. It is possible to create 3D NFTs that are realistically enhanced using these technologies. It's also worth noting that they can be the subject of online and cross-platform integration. As a result, the benefits derived from the virtual world will be transferred to the real world.

NFT is sold directly through' website, and drop management is handled by the brand's marketing teams. As icing on the cake,, a participant in the Paris NFT Day, proposes integrating a virtual testing cabin. One item she may add to her list is the recommendation of personalized avatars and 3D mini-models to use on her website.

If you're unfamiliar with Dress X, it's an online fashion marketplace based in the United States. She was launched in 2020 on the initiative of two Ukrainians, Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova. This Dress X NFT marketplace will thus round out the digital clothing and couture offerings that the company has already offered.

When fashion and the metaverse collide, we must strive for the liberation of human creativity. And that's what Dress X and wanted to show off in this immersive fashion experience during the Paris NFT Day.

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