Soon all the big brands and global companies will be in Decentraland and company. Their gradual arrival is a sign of the importance of virtual reality for the success of tomorrow's marketing strategies. Recently, Asian automakers Nissan and Toyota said they entered the metaverse.

Nissan and Toyota Enter The Metaverse —With Two Different Approaches

Nissan and Toyota, a big leap into the metaverse

On April 22, Nissan and Toyota announced their entry into the metaverse in order to offer new experiences to users. Once well established in it, the two Japanese manufacturers will begin organizing virtual events. Building branches is also part of their plan in the metaverse.

To not miss anything from the metaverse train, the two giants of the automotive industry called on the video game development startup, VRChat. The latter will allow them to offer immersive exhibitions of their cars in virtual reality (VR).

Different approaches for Nissan and Toyota

To better conquer the metaverse, Nissan will rely on the creation of virtual reality rooms for its customers. Toyota , for its part, will rely on teleworking environments for its employees. In other words, some of them will be entitled to offices in the metaverse and will access them with their avatars. This choice of working method is certainly linked to the Covid-19 crisis.


“  As more and more people are working from home due to the coronavirus, we are providing young employees and others with communication options within the company.  »

Note that for the moment, the administrations of Nissan & Toyota have not released official information regarding this entry in the metaverse. So there's no clue whether they'll do it the more centralized Meta way or the more decentralized Decentraland way .

We would like to clarify that the only data on Nissan Toyota's willingness to innovate in the metaverse comes from the Japanese newspaper Nikkei Asia.

The automotive industry increasingly seduced

The metaverse has become interesting in the eyes of car manufacturers. To the point of pushing Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen to launch their own campaign at the beginning of April. For Volkswagen, that came to fruition by putting a bounty on its latest PS5 and delivering advanced driving lessons at one of its established metaverse academies.

For Bridget Harpur, marketing director of Volkswagen Passenger Vehicles, the metaverse constitutes a “  new universe [that] has had an exceptional impact on the consumer  ”. Reason why the German manufacturer will continue to organize new events and experiences for the enjoyment of their users and fans.

In addition, we also learned that Ferrari, a specialist in luxury cars, is planning the creation of NFT. For this, the company decided to enlist the help of blockchain companies such as Velas Network.

Gradually, automakers like Nissan and Toyota will nest in the metaverse. In short, given the progress of things, we can say that the cryptocurrency and blockchain tree is starting to bear fruit.

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