Buzzwords like NFTs, Web 3.0, and blockchain domains have infatuated everyone in the tech and crypto of late. The term Web 3.0 is now a part of everyday conversation. However, you won’t seem serious about it until you own an NFT domain.

Web 3.0, the internet of tomorrow, is an umbrella term that combines different ideas aimed at a single goal, bypassing the big intermediaries from the internet. There is no need to use giants like Google, Meta, or Twitter on this new web.

One of the important pillars of building the internet of tomorrow is simplification. This is where Quik.com plays an integral role in pushing innovations for Web 3.0.

Quik is a marketplace for blockchain domains that address one of the core missions of the next internet revolution; offering direct ownership to end-users without any intermediaries.

“NFT domains are an exciting development in the decentralized internet. They can change how we use the internet with an added layer of security, functionality, and transparency. We at Quik aim to be at the forefront of this evolution,” said Sahil Kohli, the CEO of Quik.

Why NFT Domains?

The NFT domains you mint or purchase on Quik.com are stored on a public blockchain. They simplify crypto transactions by replacing lengthy and cumbersome digital wallet addresses with easy-to-remember names.

Quik NFT domains are much like the traditional domain names which revolutionized the internet by replacing complicated IP addresses.

In addition to being used as a universal name, NFT domains available on Quik are also censorship-resistant when used as URLs for websites built via IPFS, InterPlanetary File System.

Here are a few primary features of blockchain domains available on Quik, which will be available once the ecosystem develops around the project:

  • No renewal fees
  • Simplified crypto wallet addresses
  • Access to decentralized apps and platforms

“Blockchain domains offer superior functionality over traditional domain names, which are one-dimension and offer narrow purposes. We believe NFT domains have the potential to push the idea of a truly decentralized internet,” expressed the CEO of Quik.

Most Quik users are purchasing NFT domains to use them as personal identifiers. They replace complex addresses from multiple wallets with a single domain name. It simplifies the sharing of payment information.

However, you can also use blockchain domain names to host your own Web 3.0 websites and build apps on top of it. As each NFT domains are unique, the scarcity of unique identifiers can be used as speculative investments.

Reselling catchy NFT domain names on the secondary market could be profitable like traditional domains. Quik also gives you 5%-10% royalties on every subsequent sale of your minted blockchain domains.

Start Your Web 3.0 Journey with Quik

Quik․com's Limited NFT Domains Minting is Now Live

Here are a few distinct advantages Quik offers:

  • Quik is the world’s simplest blockchain NFT domains marketplace, allowing you to easily and rapidly mint, list, buy, and trade crypto domains without using a third party.
  • It provides the infrastructure needed to transition your business from Web 2.0 to blockchain.

Quik has made a number of NFT domain extensions available for minting, including:

To mint crypto domains, users can apply any phrases they choose to these extensions. Users can also search the site for available NFT domain names provided by peers, which they can then transfer to the public ledger.

Quik also allows customers to sell or buy traditional domain names on the marketplace utilizing blockchain transactions, making the process more transparent and secure.

“Web 3.0 had remained theoretical for a long time. However, with the advent of NFT domains, blockchain technology, and smart contracts, it is set to thrive in the upcoming years,” said Kohli.


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