The word Metaverse has often come to us with projects like: Decentraland (which organized Metaverse Fashion Week ) The Sandbox ( listed among the 100 most influential companies in 2022 ), Axie Infinity (which lost $600 million in piracy of Ronin Bridge and Enjin. Of course, there are other metaverses, apart from those we have just mentioned.

Top 5 Metaverses to Watch in 2022 for Crypto and Gaming Enthusiasts

For this year 2022 of which we have approached the second half, here are the five metaverses to which we will have to pay attention:


It is the P2E (Play-to-earn) of the DeFi platform of Aavetop 5 . Its current price is $2.02, with a market cap of $127 million.

Aavegotchi is a DeFi game developed by Pixelcraft Studios. It works under the Aave protocol.

To participate in Aavegotchi, players must purchase the GHST. Thanks to the GHST, they will be able to obtain aavegotchis which are in fact NFTs of the type "digital collectible objects". The aavegotchis are in fact avatars, represented by a pixelated character in the form of a "ghost". It can be perfected as the player participates in platforming mini-games.


The Mobox is one of the GameFi pioneers.

After its participation in Launchpool , the price of the Mobox increased by 400%. Everyone who is a Binance user will certainly remember this project. Today, Mobox has a market capitalization of $261.15 million.

The specificity of Mobox is that it is a play-to-earn and that it adds the elements of decentralized finance (DeFi). Players can have fun while earning money. It is the presence of these two characteristics that makes it a GameFi, an acronym formed from Game (game) and Finance.


Created by Ross Tavakoli and Paddy Carroll , two cryptocurrency industry veterans,  Bloktopia is first and foremost a cryptocurrency metaverse developed on the Polygon blockchain. Built as a tribute to Bitcoin, Bloktopia 's game represents 21 levels of games, in reference to bitcoin, whose maximum supply is capped at 21 million tokens.

The immersive universe of cryptocurrencies is very diverse. From content creation to metaverse training, Bloktopia has everything to become a very promising project in the virtual world. It relies on four main pillars to achieve its objectives: learn, earn, play and create.

Meta Hero

In its name, it is reminiscent of an adventure game, pitting superheroes against terrible monsters. Meta Hero is more of a cryptocurrency metaverse, whose ambitions go far beyond a simple adventure game.

Meta Hero uses 3D scanning and modeling techniques to create avatars and other virtual objects. Once these objects are created, they can be used in different fields. One can also create NFTs from collectibles and real-world artwork.

The cryptocurrency token is called HERO . According to the information available on the project website, there could be no more than 10 billion tokens.


RedFox is not a virtual game made up of red foxes as one might imagine. RedFox is a metaverse platform that seeks to promote digital inclusion . RedFox has developed a metaverse universe where companies will find all the necessary tools to develop their activities taking into account blockchain technology, virtual reality and GameFi.

RFOX is the native token of this ambitious ecosystem and its maximum supply is set at 2 billion tokens. According to data provided by Red Fox, there are 1.31 billion RFOXs that have already been issued in the market.

As you might well suspect, there are other metaverses beyond these five. Aavegotchi, Mobox, Bloktopia, Meta Hero, and RedFox aren't the only metaverses we'll be hearing about this year. The metaverse, NFTs and blockchain are the future of the economy and even of social life and it is normal that we will see other metaverses emerge in the coming months.

Source: beincrypto

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