The credit card industry's behemoth has decided to launch a one-year campaign to hold artists accountable in the face of the non-fongible token revolution. This program, dubbed Visa Creator Program, aims to accelerate the use of NFT by digital content creators. Whether they are musicians, videographers, or come from the worlds of fashion, film, or visual arts, Visa want to assist these artists in grasping these new technologies. Cuy Sheffield, the head of Visa's crypto department, summarized the company's goal: « The NFT has the potential to become a powerful accelerator of content creators' economies.

Visa has launched an initiative to assist artists in creating NFT content

We want to help this new category of small and micro businesses take use of new digital commerce tools through the Visa Creator Program. « NFTs are a new type of electronic trade, according to the responsible crypto.

An approachable program with participants who are well-versed in the NFT universe.

There is no limit to the number of creators that may join the Visa Creator Program, and all members have access to Visa clients and a larger network of mentors. Visa also revealed the first participant in his program: Micah Johnson, a well-known NFT artist. Notable for his collection of a little black astronaut boy named Aku.

A beneficial program

The year-long course for mastering the use of non-fongible buttons will be organized around five main axes... To begin, participants will be advised by Visa teams on which blockchain to use, which sort of smart contract to use, and so on. The second axis will focus on the formation of an aguerrie community in the field of NFT. Finally, participants will get access to the advice of digital commerce thinkers and researchers. For the fourth, access to Visa clients and partners in order to build a strong network. Finally, a one-of-a-kind allocation with the goal of growing their firm through NFT.

Visa's initiative is a significant step forward in the blockchain world. The blue-chip magnate, like many others, saw the enormous potential of non-fongible tokens. And this is an opportunity that Visa has seized in order to train new players in this universe. Because, as the head of the cryptocurrency unit explained, the company sees a way to develop new platforms for digital commerce.

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