PRESS RELEASE. Aloha Browser is paving the way towards a decentralized web with the recent Handshake (HNS) integration. Now websites with HNS names automatically resolve within the Aloha Browser without additional configuration.

Aloha has always focused on privacy and security for its users and is now at the forefront by having a revolutionary browser for Web3. There are currently more than 28 million monthly active users on Aloha’s mobile apps for Android and iOS. With this release, an Aloha desktop browser is now available too.

Download Aloha Browser here.

Aloha Browser has several first of its kind Web3 features, making this a must-have for Web3 enthusiasts. While Web3 is multifaceted from DeFi to NFTs, having a Web3 enabled browser at the center is just as important as the browser was for the Web2 user experience.

Handshake aims to be the base of the web by decentralizing the DNS root zone and replacing the need for centralized Certificate Authorities (CAs) through DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE). Of all the decentralized naming services, only Handshake is focused on this ambitious undertaking.

More than 4 million HNS names exist, which is more than all the other decentralized naming services combined (ENS, Unstoppable Domains, etc.). While using HNS names as a website is a critical use case, users can also use HNS names ​​for secure login, universal username, and wallet address.

Having a similar ethos to Bitcoin, Handshake has no company or foundation. The Aloha Browser HNS integration came about through a partnership with Hey tx, the custodian of the .tx blockchain domain that’s made possible through Handshake. Nole Oppermann, the Founder of Hey tx, said, “As Handshake is at the center of the decentralized web, Aloha’s integration is a great step towards mainstream adoption; this now makes Aloha Browser the largest browser to natively support HNS to date.”

To learn more about Handshake, check out Handshake.org and Namebase Learning Center. For owning HNS names, check out Namebase for TLDs or Porkbun for registering HNS domains like .tx, .c, or .sats.



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